For Innovation Drive and Stepping Into National Strategy - Three National Level Innovation Platforms Settled in GEM
Construction track of state-leveled innovation platforms

In August 2013, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee approved GEM to set up postdoctoral research stations in Shenzhen and Jingmen.

In September 2014, National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recyling settled in Jingmen GEM, and passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology in July 2018.

In January 2019, Jingmen GEM was recognized as a national enterprise technology center. It is the great innovation and research and development capabilities that make GEM a technological leader in the mining industry of urban mining.

In 2023, GEM was approved as the National Energy Metal Resources and New Materials Key Laboratory

Testing Strength-International First-class Analytical Detection and Testing Equipment

Hubei Urban Mineral Resources Recycling Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "center") was established in 2005, formerly known as the Testing Center of Jingmen GEM New Materials Co., LTD. The main business of the center is to monitor the quality, environment and waste recycling of all chemical materials of the company. With the increase of testing capacity and popularity, it started to operate independently in 2013 and obtained the CMA certificate issued by the Hubei Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision. In 2014, it obtained the CMA certificate issued by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and officially operated as a third-party platform with double certification. The center was awarded the Hubei famous brand in service industry certificate in 2016, leading and participating in the development of 232 national and industry standards. For the purpose of serving the community, the center provides external detection services including research and testing of electronic waste recycling, research and testing of key technology for rare and rare earth metals recycling , testing of solid waste recycling, and testing of new battery materials, etc.

At present, the testing room of the "Center" covers an area of 3600 m2 and the office is about 400 m2.The center is equipped with: X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (Japan, 1 set), electron probe (Japan, 1 set), X-ray diffractometer (Japan, 1 set), inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (Germany, 1 set; Japan, 2 sets), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (USA, 1 set), scanning electron microscope (USA, 1 set equipped with energy spectrum and argon ion polisher), X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (Netherlands, 1 set, wavelength type; Japan, 1 set, energy type), carbon and sulfur meter (Germany, 3 sets, USA, 1 set), oxygen and nitrogen determination apparatus (Germany, 2 sets), laser particle size analyzer (UK, 2 sets, USA, 1 set), specific surface analyzer (USA, 2 sets, China, 3 sets) (USA, 1 unit), DC arc (USA, 1 set), gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (Japan, 1 set), Electron Microprobe (Japan, 1 set), ion chromatograph (USA, 1 set), atomic absorption spectrometer (Japan, 3 sets), atomic fluorescence spectrometer (1 set) and other advanced detection equipment at home and abroad more than 300 sets. The total investment in equipment is more than 50 million yuan with fifty sets of imported sophisticated equipment. As one of the important public testing technology platforms in Hubei Province, it has the dual qualification of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) certification and China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) certification. It has more than 100 testing technicians and 30 managers, including one senior engineer, three intermediate title engineers and four assistant engineers.

Urban Mineral Resources Recycling Engineering Technology Research Center
Qualification certificate
  • CMA Metrology Certification

  • CNAS Laboratory Certification

  • Hubei Famous-brand Product

  • Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Circular Economy Research Base

  • Registration Certificate of Private Non-enterprise Units

Field and Scope of Test

Waste resource tests: electronic waste, waste non-ferrous metal, waste carbide, waste plastic, waste glass and other waste resources;

New material products tests: cobalt and cobalt compounds, nickel and nickel compounds, tungsten and tungsten compounds, power battery materials, carbide materials, plastic products and other new material products;

Tests of rare and precious metals: test analysis of rare and precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, platinum and rare earth;

Environmental test and evaluation: solid waste, waste water, exhaust gas, sludge, soil, hazardous waste and tests related to the RoHS directive.

Test projects: chemical composition analysis, FSSS particle size, loose density, tap density, particle size distribution, photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), phase analysis (XRD), morphology analysis (SEM), energy spectrum analysis (EDS), foreign body analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF), section electron microscope, Fourier infrared (FTIR), potentiometric titration, leaching toxicity, chemical oxygen demand (COD), battery performance test, WPC test, hardness, bending test, tensile test, impact toughness, differential thermal analysis, thermal deformation Vicat analysis, aging test, mildew resistance test, water absorption, moisture content, expansion rate, freeze-thaw test, etc.

Testing equipment
Pre-processing equipment
Specific surface area analyzing equipment
Particle size analyzer
Structure analyzer
Microscopic profile analyzer
Foreign matter analyzer
Moisture meter
Non-metal analyzer
Potentiometric titration equipment
Mass spectrometer
Compressive strength tester
Environmental monitor
Battery testing equipment
Plastic wood testing equipment
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