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GEM has gained a number of key technical achievements by focusing on the relevant technical fields of the five core industries of the Corporation —— waste battery recycling and power battery material manufacturing industry chain, electronic waste recycling and high-value utilization industry chain, scrap car recycling and holistic resource utilization industrial chain, Cobalt, nickel and tungsten recovery and cemented carbide manufacturing industry chain, and waste water, residue and mud treatment industry chain. The company has independently developed key technologies and applied for 2,455 patents, among which 17 core patents have been authorized in more than 10 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea. Led or participated in the development and revision of 312 standards, including 89 national standards and 151 industrial standards. The standard scope covers all business of the Corporation, and the product standard coverage reaches 100%.

Five Achievements

Great achievements have been made by breaking through key technology

Major Achievement 1
Ternary chip material technology, the quality has entered the "no man's land"

We have innovatively developed multilayer spherical core-shell directional growth process and equipment, which conquered the core-shell-concentration gradient technology of high nickel products, putting the "safety helmet" on high nickel materials. Our products have passed the certification of foreign customers and started large-scale supply. We are the only precursor enterprise that can industrialize this technology in China at present. Combined with fluid mechanics simulation technology, the sedimentation rate of doping elements is precisely controlled by complexation or other means to conquer the in-situ doping technology of quaternary precursors and create a high nickel safety ternary core. We have made breakthroughs in the industrialization technology of the whole series of single crystal precursors and the industrialization technology of ultra-high nickel and low cobalt precursors, and our product shipments rank among the top in the world. The PPB level metallic foreign body quality control system was fully implemented, and the magnetic foreign body of the 9 series high nickel and low cobalt precursors was reduced to 0.67 PPB, entering the "no man's land" of the international industry quality.

Major Achievement 2
Major achievement Ⅱ Key technology and industrialization of waste cobalt and nickel materials recycling, 2010 Grade Ⅱ National Science and Technology Progress Award

Key technologies for recycling and reconstruction of rare resources such as cobalt and nickel have been overcome, to recycle superfine cobalt and nickel materials to replace mainstream products, and make it possible for "limited resources, unlimited recycling".GEM model has became one of the 20 typical models of China’s circular economy and built the largest cobalt and nickel resource recycling enterprise in the world.

Major Achievement 3
Key technologies for green recycling of electronic waste and their industrialization represent
China's world-class core technologies in this field

In 2017, this technology won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province and the first prize of CACE Science and Technology Award. In 2018, this technology won the second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress.Outstanding innovations: through the five innovations including "Internet+" recovery, overall control of crushing, intelligent identification and fine separation, continuous low-temperature pyrolysis of circuit board, and metal recycling, the whole-proces green recycling of electronic waste has been realized, the environmental protection technology of scrapped circuit board processing without incineration and cyaniding has been overcome, and the world's leading and China's largest scrapped circuit board processing line has been established, which is known as the "nuclear missile" in China's electronic waste industry.

Major Achievement 4
Key technology of high-value resources recycling of decommissioned power battery

By applying key technologies such as intelligent decision, dynamic programming, balance optimization and information control, a flexible intelligent disassembly model for the whole process of decommissioned power battery was developed to realize efficient, flexible, and green disassembly of decommissioned power battery package. SOH/SOC state parameters were obtained based on electrochemical mechanism and a multi-parameter collaborative battery state prediction model was established through machine learning. A fast sorting and accurate evaluation method for decommissioned power batteries was developed by cloud platform data acquisition and big data analysis technology. The precise regulation model of activation treatment was established based on plasma ultrasonic technology, and the efficient separation and recovery technology of ultra-thin metal and active material was developed to realize the overall separation of ultra-thin metal and short process recovery of active material.

Major Achievement 5
R&d and industrial application of key technologies for scrap automobile resource utilization

GEM’s safety and fine disassembly technology of scrapped vehicles/new energy vehicles ranks the international leading level. We have realized the safe discharge, efficient disassembly and fine classification recovery of hydrogen/battery packs and other power sources and established a recycling supply chain system with new energy vehicle enterprises and raw material manufacturer. GEM is the industry leader in efficient and intelligent shredding systems for scrap vehicles. We have realized the condition monitoring of shredding system, intelligent identification of non-breakable material and predictive maintenance of malfunction, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of shredding equipment and effectively reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the system. By applying the technology of mechanical separation, thermochemical treatment and compact forming, the intelligent separation of automobile shredding residue (ASR) and solid fuel rod processing and other industry problems are solved, creating an ASR treatment process with harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction.

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