Power Battery Recycling Business
The product introduction
see downstream application scenario for product drawings

Table 1 List of products in the power battery sector

serial number


The product name


Field of industrial engineering

Lithium-ion battery systems for aerial work platforms, forklift power batteries, etc


In the field of energy storage

Energy storage charging stations, energy storage power stations, power backup, UPS, portable energy storage, home energy storage batteries, etc


Low-speed car field

Batteries for sightseeing cars, two-wheelers, tricycles, etc


Crushed products

Black powder, copper powder, aluminum powder, etc

Capacity layout
Base renderings
  • Wuhan Power Regeneration

  • Jingmen power regeneration

  • Wuxi power regeneration

  • Tianjin Power Regeneration

  • Pohang, South Korea

Downstream application scenarios
Construction machinery field

The products in the field of construction machinery are mainly used in scissor aerial work platform, arm aerial work platform, intelligent robot, tunnel welding robot, electric mixer truck, etc.

Figure 1 Aerial work platform
Figure 1 Electric forklift truck
Low-speed car field

The products in the field of low-speed vehicles involve electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, shared motorcycles and other electric vehicle applications, as well as intelligent robots, balance vehicles, tourist cars, small sweepers and electric wheelchairs.

Figure 2 Two-wheeled vehicle
Figure 4 Tricycle
Figure 3 Sightseeing car
In the field of energy storage

Energy storage products are used in home energy storage, base station backup power supply, mobile energy storage vehicle, machine room UPS power backup and so on.

Figure 4 Energy storage power station
Figure 5 UPS power supply
Figure 6 Energy storage charging station
Figure 7 Portable energy storage battery
Figure 8 Home energy storage battery
Basic raw materials

Black powder: leaching purification, used for the preparation of nickel sulfate, manganese sulfate, cobalt sulfate, lithium carbonate, ternary precursors, etc.
Aluminum powder: used in the production of fireworks, aluminite, etc.
Copper powder: Smelting ingots for pyrotechnic smelting.

Fig. 9 Black powder
Fig. 10Aluminum powder
Fig.11Copper powder
The market situation
Competitive advantage in the market

GEM builds a full life cycle value chain of "waste battery recycling - raw material remanufacturing - material remanufacturing - battery pack remanufacturing - reuse - cascade utilization", and promotes the world's new energy vehicle industry chain from "green manufacturing to green manufacturing". According to the company's advantages in the value chain of the whole life cycle of new energy, the company has proposed "waste for raw materials", "waste packaging model" and "directional recycling" in the business model, and has cooperated with Ronbay, EVE, Farasis and other upstream and downstream enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement on "directional recycling", That is, battery manufacturers (Ronbay, EVE, Farasis, etc.) hand over waste batteries and battery waste to GEM, GEM provides waste packaging mode services, and GEM produces ternary precursors or cathode materials as raw materials after green extraction and processing. Hand it over to the battery factory, and simultaneously carry out the waste-to-raw material model with the battery factory. Through the above modes, GEM quickly locks battery waste in advance and opens up a fast channel for directional circulation of raw materials.

Figure 12 GEM New Energy's full life cycle value chain

The three subordinate battery recycling "white list" enterprise qualifications have become the most qualified enterprise groups recognized by the state, with both recycling and cascade utilization capabilities. In May 2018 and January 2021, Jingmen GEM, Wuhan GEM and Wuxi GEM were selected as the first batch and the second batch of enterprises that meet the "Industry Specifications for the Comprehensive Utilization of New Energy Vehicle Waste Power Batteries" and the list of cascade utilization enterprises respectively by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

(1) The comprehensive advantages of the whole industrial chain of GEM

GEM has been engaged in the recycling industry for 20 years, has strong technology and profound industrial heritage, has a world-leading position in the layout of recycling industry, dismantling and waste processing and battery materials, and has the advantages of the whole industrial chain of batteries.

(2) A recycling network system covering the whole country and radiating the whole world

1. 2+N+2"industrial layout, heavy beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and central new energy industry gathering place;

2. "Ditch rivers and rivers and seas" recycling system, the whole process of recycling channels from home to factory;

3. 1000+ car companies, battery factories, operators and recycling partners;

4. 200+ recycling outlets.

(3) Digital life cycle management

Digital new energy life cycle management system, to achieve waste power batteries from recycling, transportation, storage, dismantling, reengineering, cascade utilization and other full life cycle management, seamless docking product coding, one-click docking national traceability platform. Realize the whole life cycle traceability of the source of waste power batteries that can be traced and the destination can be traced.

(4) All-round leading battery recycling technology and products

Iteratively upgraded flexible and intelligent dismantling technology and equipment. Battery group analysis technology and heterogeneous compatible structure design method to achieve the cascade utilization of decommissioned power battery packs, modules and batteries. Realize the automation, intelligence and resource -- "one-click" recycling of waste power battery packs, battery waste, 3C batteries, dry batteries, etc. Safety and environmental management norms lead the industry.

(5) Lead by innovation and undertake the heavy responsibility of national innovation

In the past 5 years, it has undertaken 5 major projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, such as EPR, green manufacturing, system integration, and technical equipment.

(6) The team has rich experience in the industry and is full of vigor

Professional, young, highly educated management and technical team. The industry has rich experience, reasonable knowledge structure, and has a number of power recycling industry leaders, experts, and leaders of major national projects.

Major customers

1. the main customer of battery recycling
Toyota, Volkswagen, Samsung, Ronbay, EVE, Farasis and other more than 500 global industrial chain upstream and downstream reached strategic cooperation.

Table 2 Battery recycling main customers table

Customer name


Customer name





Ronbay Technology



2. the main customer of the battery pack


Major customers


Construction machinery

Zoomlion, Shandong Lingong, Sunward, etc

Low-speed car

Lulutong, Qianxi car industry, etc

energy storage

Increase, Baoding Songli, etc

Sales in the last three years

Table 3 Revenue from product sales in the past three years

Product Categories

In 2019

In 2020

In 2021

Power battery disassembly and cascade utilization products




Power battery crushing material with black powder

Products sold inside GEM, no sales revenue

Unit: 10,000 yuan

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