Health and safety
GEM adheres to the occupational health and safety policy of safety first, people-oriented, prevention first, full participation, comprehensive management, and comprehensive compliance with standards.
  • Safety management
    The core concept of safety management: life is above everything, no safe, no working.
  • Emergency management
    The general principle of emergency management is "prevention first, combining prevention and emergency".
Product quality
GEM adheres to the industrial concept of "limited resources, unlimited recycling", and recycles raw materials from waste processing to green materials to enhance industrial value and enter a new era of high quality. Build the world's largest and most core precursor materials manufacturer. Adhere to the quality management policy of customer first and quality win; refined management of the whole process to reduce costs; refined innovation to create the world's leading technological competitiveness.
  • Quality management system
  • Digital quality management
Sustaina bleSupply Chains
  • Responsible Mineral Management
  • Supply chain occupational health and safety
  • Supply chain environmental protection
  • Supply Chain Business Ethics and Code
  • Supply Chain Labor Policy
  • Supply Chain Complaints and Management
  • Information security
    Information security policy: prevention first, hierarchical protection, hierarchical responsibility, and continuous optimization.
  • Privacy protection
    Privacy protection policy: process legality, process fairness, processing accuracy, collection minimization, time limit, and information security.
Respect human rights
Human Rights Statement
Respect for Human Rights Attitudes and Policies
GEM strictly abides by the "Labor Law of the People's Republic of China", "Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", "Prohibition of Child Labor" and other laws and regulations of the place where it operates. It is strictly prohibited to employ persons under the age of 16, oppose any form of discrimination and forced labor, and continue to improve the company's management mechanism to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
Employee Care
  • The first swimming competition in GEM Indonesia QMB Park
  • Employee dating
  • Staff domitory
  • Elit's Appartement
  • Taking care of employees’ children
  • Marathon running event
  • Basketball Association.
  • Vegetable planting activities
  • Family activities
Social Contribution
  • Indonesia-China Bilateral Meeting - Properly Building a China-Indonesia Community with a Shared Future
  • GEM—Central South University and the Indonesian government jointly cultivate Ph.D.s in metallurgical engineering
Global community with a shared future
One Belt and One Road, building a global green industry community with a shared future
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