Cobalt Oxide
The product introduction

Name: Cobalt tetroxide

Capacity layout:
region Capacity place
Jingmen GEM 10,000 tons/year Jingmen, Hubei
Taixing base 15 000 tons/year Taixing, Jiangsu
total 25,000 tons/year

Downstream application scenarios: lithium cobalt oxide - consumer electronics (smartphones, tablets, drones, etc., and other intelligent equipment).

Market competition advantage: the world's leading enterprises, shipments of the world's top two. Recycling the whole industry chain, large production capacity, deep technology accumulation, into the global mainstream supply chain (Apple, Samsung, etc.).

Sales amount:

Capacity layout:
year sale
Sales Volume (Tons) Sales (RMB)
2019 10016 1,166,403,091.24
2020 15429 2,596,189,955.69
2021 16068 2,951,733,758.03
total 41,513.00 6,714,326,804.96

Base renderings:

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