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The product introduction

1)Product Introduction:

Name: Nickel sulfate

Product Pictures:

Capacity layout: mainly layout Hubei Jingmen (33,300 tons / year).

Base renderings:

Downstream application scenarios:

It is the main raw material of the cathode of the power battery, and is used to produce power battery packs, which are then applied to new energy electric vehicles

Raw material for electroplated nickel products for nickel plating of nickel-plated plates or other metal castings

Used as a catalyst for oil hydrogenation

2)Market Situation:

Market competitive advantage: Under the guidance of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policy, new energy vehicles have ushered in explosive growth, and the core of new energy vehicles lies in the manufacture of power batteries. Nickel sulfate, as the main raw material for power batteries, is in strong demand in the market but in short supply. The base realizes the conversion of nickel waste into high-purity nickel sulfate products, opens up the industrial chain of waste resources to battery materials, further enhances the competitiveness of the company's renewable resource recovery business, and the production capacity of 33,300 tons / year of nickel sulfate can greatly make up for the development needs of downstream vehicle ternary power battery materials and reduce the market risk of enterprise development.

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