Cobalt Products(Cobalt Powder, Cobalt Flakes, Cobalt Carbonate)
The product introduction

1.Name: cobalt cathodes is also known as metal cobalt, electrolytic cobalt.


2. the production capacity layout: Taixing company cobalt blade production capacity of 3,000 tons / year.

Base renderings:

3. Downstream application scenarios:

(1) Military market.

(2) Civil market, customer distribution:

1: Magnetic materials industry, the global distribution of magnetic materials is divided into two categories, one is Nd-Fe-B rare earth permanent magnet, the proportion of cobalt is 1-2%, and the other type is sm-co permanent magnet, the proportion of cobalt is 45-55%.

2: High-speed tool steel M35 M42, etc. The proportion of cobalt added in such industries is 5-8%.

3: Superalloys, there are many kinds of superalloys, among which there is a cobalt-based superalloy that becomes cobalt and chromium, also known as F75, which contains up to 65% cobalt.

4: The polymerization catalyst industry of the petrochemical textile industry, which mainly uses cobalt acetate and cobalt nitrate and cobalt bromide, such industries are used to directly dissolve high-purity metal cobalt with acid.

5. Hydrogen storage alloy powder, medical (artificial joints, dentures, etc.) and other industries

Figure 1: Magnetic material Figure 2: Cemented carbide

Figure 3 High-temperature engine Figure 4: Medical field

4. Market competitive advantage: high cobalt content, high purity. It has been 13 years since it was registered as an LME delivery brand in 2009. It is widely circulated in the international market and is highly recognized by the international market. GEM insists on the recycling strategy. GEM Cobalt is the first electric cobalt brand in the world to obtain SGS recycling.

5. Main Customers: