Expert group

  • Xu Kaihua
    Professor, founder of GEM
    Brief introduction

    Professor Xu Kaihua, Founder of GEM  ;

    Professor/postdoctoral advisor of metallurgy, chemistry, and materials;

    Winner of National Science and Technology Progress Award (2010, 2018) ;

    Expert member of the Circular Economy Expert Advisory Committee of China;

    Founder of the National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling;

    Adjunct Professor at Central South University

    Visiting Professor at Bandung Institute of Technology  .

  • Sun Xueliang (Canada)
    Brief introduction

    Canada Research Chair in Development of Nanomaterials for Clean Energy

    Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

    Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

    Lifetime Chief Scientist of New Energy Material Super Technology of GEM

  • Zhang Yunhe
    Postdoctoral and expert who enjoy special allowances from the State Council
    Brief introduction

    Chief Engineer of GEM Group;

    Expert in Waste Comprehensive Utilization and Ternary Materials Research;

    Professor of Metallurgy, Chemistry, Materials Science;

    years of Industry Research, Teaching and Industrialization Experience;

    Received National Science & Technology Progress Award(Second Class)once.Received Provincial Level Scientific & Technological Progress Award (First Class) twice.

  • Dr. Zhang Yuping
    Brief introduction

    In the past 10 years, he has focused on market research on industrial technology, equipment and policies for the recycling of urban mines resources;

    Winners of many national, provincial and ministerial honors including the China Patent Excellence Award;

    Leading talent in comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries and urban mineral development;

  • Toda Toshiyuki (Japan)
    Doctor of Engineering from Hiroshima University
    Brief introduction

    Strategic Research Expert in Battery Materials;

    Special Strategic Advisor to the Board Chairman of GEM;

    Former President and Representative Director of Toda Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Zhang Kun
    Brief introduction

    Deputy Director of the Chinese National WEEE Recycling Engineering Research Center;
    President of GEM Central Research Institute;
    Senior Research Fellow of GEM Urban Mineral Strategy.

  • Craig Boljkovac
    Brief introduction

    Senior UN official;
    GEM Chief International Advisor;
    Senior Consultant and Lecturer at Tsinghua University Center for Excellence established by the United Nations Basel and Stockholm Convention;
    Former UN Key Project Manager of Chemicals and Waste Management;
    Has cooperated with more than 100 UN member states to carry out environmental protection projects and activities;
    Served as the chairperson of the inter-organizational project on the sound management of chemicals (IOMC) and coordinated international Activities related to chemicals and waste with the heads of the chemicals programme of the United Nations, OECD and World Bank.

Top Talents

  • Zhang Kun (Postdoctor)

    Top talent in the field of ultra-high nickel and high-safety ternary precursor technology in 2022.

Leading talents and innovative figures

  • Liu Wenze

    Leading talent of industrial practice of ultrafine cobalt powder and large particle cobalt oxide in 2017.

  • Guo Miaomiao (Doctor)

    Leading talent in research and manufacturing technology for ultra-fine cobalt-nickel powder in 2017.

  • Ma Lin

    Leading talent in the field of waste recycling and powder material analysis & testing in 2017.

  • Qin Yufei (Doctor)

    Leading talent in the field of electronic waste recycling in 2017.

  • Wu Guangyuan

    Innovative figure of cobalt nickel chemical raw material system in 2017.

  • Le Xuqing

    Innovative figure in the field of ternary precursor material manufacturing in 2017.

  • Li Bingzhong

    Leading talent in the field of high end cobalt products and Co₃O4 materials in 2018.

  • Tang Zhou

    Leading talent in the field of industry practice of High-end ternary and lithium cobaltate precursors in 2018.

  • Feng Hao (Doctor)

    Leading talent in study and industrial development of Tungsten resource recycling, key technologies for tungsten product re-engineering in 2018.

  • Zhang Kun (Postdoctor)

    Leading talent in the field of high-nickel ternary precursor in 2019.

  • Chen Yujun

    Innovative figure in the field of research and development of high nickel ternary and high voltage single crystal materials for automotive power batteries and industrial development research.

  • Hu Yi

    Innovative figure in the field of cobalt and nickel extraction and purification engineering technology and production in 2020.

  • Lv Zhi

    Innovative figure in the field of high nickel precursor volume production innovation and achievement transformation in 2020.

  • Zhang Yuping (Doctor)

    Leading talent in comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries and the development of urban mines in 2021.

  • Xu Pengyun (Postdoctor)

    Leading talent for sorting complex and difficult minerals in 2021.

  • Li Cong

    Leading talent in the development of ultra-high nickel ternary precursors in 2021.

  • Jiang Miao

    Leading talent in international business in 2021.

  • Mu Menggang

    Leading talent in financial technology and financial management in 2021.

  • Dong Yuebin

    Leading talent in strategic market in 2021.

  • Huang Dongbo

    Leading talent in comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries in 2021.

  • Bai Liang

    Innovative figure of high nickel ternary precursor in 2021.

  • Peng Yaguang

    Innovative figure of complex and difficult raw materials in 2021.

  • Huang Liangqu (Doctor)

    Leading talent in industrialization of recycling and utilization of waste power batteries in 2022.

  • Du Ke (Postdoctor)

    Leading talent in strategy innovation in 2022.

  • Jin Guoquan

    Leading talent in industrialization of hydrometallurgical processing of laterite nickel ore in 2022.

  • Lei Jie (Postdoctor)

    Leading talent in industrialization of high performance lithium iron phosphate in 2022.

  • Hua Wenchao (Postdoctor)

    Leading talent in super green technology in 2022.

  • He Rui (Postdoctor)

    Leading talent in industrialization of high nickel anode materials in 2022.

  • Liu Yu

    Innovative figure in industrialization of ultra-high nickel 9 series precursor in 2022.

  • Wang Yi

    Innovative figure in industrialization of hydrometallurgical processing of laterite nickel ore in 2022.

  • Chen Yong’an

    Innovative figure in industrialization of ultra-high nickel 9 series precursor in 2022.

  • Li Yuhua

    Innovative figure in industrialization of efficient utilization of complex and refractory raw materials in 2022.

  • Shi Qiyong

    Innovative figure of the nickel and cobalt raw material system in 2022.

Invest in Talents, Facilitate Talents' Development and Jointly Create a Low Carbon Future

On the new journey of high-quality development of GEM, talents and innovation have become cornerstones for the prosperity of GEM. GEM has amply rewarded talents to boost their work enthusiasm, provided institutional guarantee for talents, stayed invincible and stood out in global competition, and constantly opened up new prospects for green cycling.

Since 2017, GEM has implemented the "dual-leading talents" plan, delivered the innovation conference for six consecutive years from 2017 to 2022, and selected 41 leading talents and innovative figures, who are pillars for the prosperity of GEM's green industry. GEM has spent more than 10 million yuan every year buying cars to reward leading talents, and so far given out 10 Mercedes-Benz cars, 10 BMW cars, 10 BYD Han electric vehicles, and 12 Dongfeng Voyah cars, to boost the impetus and vitality of talents, further promote its innovation culture - "Innovation is glorious, great and dignified", and highlight the theme of accelerating innovation.

Institutional deregulation has led to the thorough unleashing of innovation vitality, boosting GEM entering a new era of high-quality development. In 2018, GEM released a global guide for innovation projects with a total investment of 300 million yuan, launched innovation incentives, fully implemented the model of innovation partnership, rewarded R&D and achievement transformation, distributed dividends of up to 20%, and awarded leading talents an annual disposable fund of 2 million yuan for free topic choice and team formation, thus completely breaking shackles for leading talents, making them "bosses" in research, and allowing free rein to their capabilities on broad research platforms!

In 2021, GEM stepped up talent training in all aspects by releasing a plan (2021-2025) to train 1,000 high-level talents (including 100 leading talents, 100 innovators, 300 post-doctoral fellows, and 500 senior engineering and management talents), 1,000 young elitists, and 1,000 industrial artisans, recruiting top talents from around the world, and training and selecting talents throughout the company, so as to build a main force that could help GEM fulfill its "14th Five-Year Plan".

In 2022, GEM launched the "top talents" plan all over the world, and selected two annual top talents for the first time. For internal talents or external experts recognized as "top talents", GEM will grant each of them no less than RMB 3 million every year as their special research and development funds. Meanwhile, GEM will appoint them as team leaders, and let them independently organize their teams, build their independent labs.

The top talents, leading talents and innovative figures of GEM are both the innovation leaders comprehensively leading the global industry and the victory guarantee that keeps GEM invincible in the global industrial competition. They will accelerate the breakthroughs in future leading-edge super technologies and key bottleneck technologies and help GEM become a leader-level enterprise of the global green low carbon industry!

The Prizes for Top Talents, Leading Talents and Innovative Figures of GEM
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