GEM Green Industry (Wuhan) Innovation Research Institute

GEM green industry (Wuhan) innovation research institute makes the overall planning of the technological progress, equipment progress and industrialization of the scrapped vehicles recycling and the power battery recovery and echelon utilization to lead the establishment of the National Engineering Research Center for the scrapped vehicles recycling (including new energy vehicles), which tackled major technological problems, undertook major projects, and produced major innovations. Through the establishment of the green industry research institute with international temperament and national level, the Corp has achieved innovative, green and high-quality development in the fields of scrapped vehicles, full-life-circle value chain technology equipment of new energy, and production line level, reaching a world-class level.

The main core research directions of the institute include: key technologies and equipment for green dismantling of scrapped vehicles, key technologies and equipment for metal sorting, key technologies and equipment for remanufacturing of scrapped auto parts, key technologies and equipment for the remanufacturing of electronic and electrical components of scrapped battery packs, and recycling technologies and management system of valuable metal materials, and experimental research on the conventional performance, safety performance and reliable performance of the independent research and development of vehicle power battery system and recycled remanufactured batteries.

Intelligent dismantling experimental platform for retired power batteries
Automatic dismantling line for scrapped vehicles
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