National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling

The National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling (hereinafter referred to as the "Research Center") was established on the basis of Jingmen GEM Co., Ltd. It was approved on September 28, 2014 and accepted on July 27, 2018. As of December 2019, the company had invested RMB 1.5 billion in the construction of R&D facilities, including five research institutes, namely, the GEM Waste Recycling and New Materials Research Institute, the GEM New Energy Materials Research Institute, the GEM (Taixing) Cobalt Business New Product Research Institute, the GEM Green Industry (Wuhan) Innovation Research Institute, and the GEM Polymer Materials Recycling Research Institute, a superhard materials and CNC tool engineering technology research center, and an analysis and testing center.

In 2019, the total investment and expenditure in R&D exceeded 668 million yuan, accounting for 4.56% of the sales revenue. With an aim of providing technological support for the company, the research center focuses on key technology breakthroughs in the recycling of waste batteries, electronic waste, scrapped cars and various kinds of scarce resources such as cobalt, nickel, and tungsten, the design of cathode material production line and the innovation in ternary material technology, the technological innovation in ternary precursor technology, technical breakthroughs in the resource utilization of complex and low-grade cobalt-nickel raw materials and cobalt-nickel powder (materials containing cobalt oxide), technological breakthroughs in high-quality tungsten carbide powder materials, as well as rapid breakthroughs and commercialization of key technologies.

National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling
National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling
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