GEM New Energy Battery Material Engineering Technology Research Center

GEM New Energy Battery Material Engineering Technology Research Center was established in GEM Jingmen Park in 2008. It is the core R&D platform for GEM Corporation to implement its innovation strategy and is mainly focusing on the development and industrial technology transfer of new products, new technologies, and new processes in the businesses of precursors of ternary materials, cobalt tetroxide, sodium-ion battery cathode, and lithium-rich manganese-based materials. It shoulders the important task of rapidly grasping key technologies, promoting the industrialization of technologies, and facilitating the effective implementation of the Group's core strategies, providing key technical support for the Corp to build a global green industry leader.

The Research Center consists of three experimental centers, namely A, B, and C, involving six research laboratories in terms of Large Particle Precursors, Small Particle Precursors, Doped Multielement Precursors, Lithium-rich Manganese-based Precursors, Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Precursors, and CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) Precursors. These laboratories undertake the technical research tasks related to precursors (including high nickel, ultra-high nickel, core-shell, high voltage, sodium-ion battery, lithium-rich manganese-based materials, etc.) and cobalt-nickel powder (including cobalt oxide materials). With advanced equipment, the Research Center can realize the seamless connection from lab trial, pilot test to industrialization scale for product and technology development. There are multiple foreign technical consultants from Japan, South Korea, and other countries in the R&D team. The Research Center actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation with well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Central South University, and Beijing University of Technology.

GEM New Energy Battery Material Engineering Technology Research Center

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