GEM(Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Institute

GEM(Shenzhen) super green technology institute was established on January 12, 2022, focusing on the research and development of the new generation of super new energy materials. Attracting leading talents and teams in the industry worldwide to solve common technical challenges in the new energy industry and serve the national 3060 carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy with super technology.

The institute consists of Digital Cloud Intelligent Control Center, Ultra-high Nickel Power Core Materials Laboratory, Future Power Materials Laboratory, Atomic Layer Deposition Laboratory of Academician Sun Xueliang, Hydrogen Energy Materials Laboratory of Professor Zhang Yunhe, Graphene Materials Laboratory of Professor Liu Jianhong, Decommissioned Power battery reuse laboratory, laboratory of Material Physical Properties, laboratory of Material Chemical Properties, material performance evaluation laboratory, and electrochemical new energy laboratory.

The institute has introduced more than 100 sets of advanced equipment such as X-ray photoelectron spectrometer, field emission scanning electron microscope, multi-channel X-ray diffractometer, inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, thermogravimetry-differential thermo -mass spectrometry, atomic layer deposition, surface forces apparatus, electrochemical workstation, etc. We have more than 40 scientific and technical personnel, including one academician, three professors, more than 10 doctors and industry experts, more than 10 masters, and five high-level talents in Shenzhen.

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
Field emission scanning electron microscope
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