Create a New Landmark of Circular Economy
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    National Advanced Unit of Circular Economy

  • 2.png

    National Pilot Enterprise of Circular Economy

  • 3.png

    National Technology Center of Circular Economy

  • 4.png

    National Outstanding Park of Renewable Resources

  • 5.png

    Circular Economy Contribution Award

  • 6.png

    "Green Meritorious Award” for Ecological Civilization

  • 7.png

    GRS Certificate

  • 8.png

    Management Science Award (practice)

  • 9.png

    An Enterprise Admitted by MIIT to Waste Steel Processing

  • 10.png

    Erdos Science Education Base

  • 11.png

    Plaque of Hubei Science Education Base

  • 12.png

    Hubei Demonstration Base of Ecological Civilization Construction

  • 13.png

    Jiangxi Demonstration Base of Ecological Civilization

  • 14.png

    Jiangxi Education Base of Environmental Protection

  • 15.png

    Jiangxi Pilot Unit of Circular Economy

  • 16.png

    Henan Pilot Unit of Circular Economy

  • 17.png

    Hunan “Urban Minerals” Demonstration and Pilot Enterprise

  • 18.png

    Green Enterprise of Hunan

  • 19.png

    Hubei Governmental Award for Environmental Protection

  • 20.png

    Hidden Champion and Demonstration Enterprise of Hubei Province in Sectors of Pillar Industries

  • 21.png

    Hubei Brand-name Product - Technical Service for Quality Inspection

  • 22.png

    Hubei Brand-name Product - Ultrafine Cobalt Powder, Ultrafine Cobalt Carbonate, Co3O4, Nickel Sulfate Crystal, Nickel Cobalt Manganese Hydroxide

  • 23.png

    Jiangxi Brand-name Product - GEM Recycled Plastic Pellets

  • 24.png

    Certificate of Technology Giant by Wuxi High-tech Zone

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