Innovation Drives Soaring Development
  • 湖南映鸿-高企证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise(Hunan)

  • 武汉新能源-高企证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Wuhan)

  • 山西格林循环-国家高新技术企业-N.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Shan Xi)

  • 武汉动力再生-技术创新贡献企业.jpg

    Enterprise of Technological Innovation Contribution—GEM(Wuhan)

  • 深圳总部-2021福布斯中国最具创新力企业榜.jpg

    2021 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies

  • 绿色供应链管理企业.jpg

    Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise

  • 1.png

    National Engineering Research Center

  • 3.png

    Postdoctoral Research Workstation (Shenzhen)

  • 4.png

    Postdoctoral Research Workstation (Jingmen)

  • 5.png

    Academician Expert Workstation (Hubei)

  • 6.png

    Enterprise Academician Workstation (Jiangsu)

  • 7.png

    National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

  • 深圳总部-高企证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Shenzhen HQ)

  • 荆门格林美-高企-Y.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (GEM Jingmen)

  • 江西格林循环-高新技术企业证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (GEM Jiangxi)

  • 武汉城矿-高企证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Wuhan)

  • 12-高新技术企业(无锡).png

    High-tech Enterprise (Wuxi)

  • 泰兴园区-高企.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Taixing)

  • 内蒙格林循环-国家高新技术企业.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Inner Mongolia)

  • 11-高新技术企业(河南沐桐).png

    High-tech Enterprise (Henan Mutong)

  • 绿钨资源-高新技术企业证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Jingmen Dewei)

  • 天津城矿-高企证书.jpg

    High-tech Enterprise (Tianjin)

  • 21.png

    National Pilot Unit for Intellectual Property Rights of Enterprises and Public Institutions

  • 23.png

    Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for E-waste Resource Utilization

  • 24.png

    Hubei Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Urban Mineral Resource Recycling

  • 25.png

    Hubei Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Decommissioned Power Battery Cascade Utilization

  • 26.png

    Jiangxi Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Urban Mineral Pollution Control and Recycling

  • 27.png

    Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center for High Performance Lithium Battery Cathode Materials

  • 28.png

    Certificate of Wuxi Li-ion Battery Material Engineering Technology Research Center

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