Aiding Students in Golden Autumn
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In order to effectively alleviate the pressure of financially disadvantaged employees, GEM is helping their children to enter the university. Recently, the annual "Golden Autumn Student Aid" activities have been held successively in GEM Jingmen Park, Taixing Park, Wuxi Park, Fu’an Park and GER. A total of 56,000 yuan of grants have been fully distributed to 36 financially disadvantaged families.

At the grant distribution ceremony, Wang Cuihua, Vice Chairman of the GEM Labor Union, announced the "2023 GEM ‘Golden Autumn Student Aid’ Review Results". After a comprehensive review by GEM Labor Union Audit Committee, it was decided to provide financial aid to 36 employees' children. Among them, there are 7 students in Grade A with a scholarship of 3,000 yuan/person, 6 students in Grade B with a scholarship of 2,000 yuan/person, and 23 people in Grade C with a scholarship of 1,000 yuan/person, totaling 56,000 yuan.

The “Golden Autumn Student Aid” is an important program which shows GEM’s care and concern for employees' children. Since 2017, GEM has continued to carry out the “Golden Autumn Student Aid” activities, subsidized more than 300 children of needy employees, and distributed more than 1 million yuan of caring grants, which effectively relieved the pressure of financially disadvantaged employees and helped many students enter the university.

At the grant distribution ceremony, representatives of employees' children expressed their most sincere thanks to GEM. They said that the “Golden Autumn Student Aid” is not just a financial help, but also a hope for the future. In the future ahead, regardless of the hardships and bumps along the road, they would be grateful, pursue excellence, and repay GEM and the society with the best achievements.

Employee representatives also expressed their gratitude to GEM for the annual “Golden Autumn Student Aid”. They said that they really felt the concern and love from GEM and Labor Union. "The kindness of a drop of water should be reciprocated by the spring", and they would be grateful and work harder. They also wished GEM a prosperous future and eternal glory.

Lastly, Lu Xijin, Chairman of GEM Labor Union, made a concluding speech and congratulated the students for their reward after ten years of hard study. Chairman Lu Xijin said that GEM has always been a big warm family, always providing help to every employee of GEM, and listening to the voice of every employee. At the same time, he wished the children of GEM can study hard in universities, do not forget their original aspirations, and strive to be a contributor to China’s development in this new era.

Figure 1. The Grant Distribution Ceremony of “Golden Autumn Student Aid” in GEM Jingmen Park

Figure 2. Speeches by Representatives of Employees’ Children

Figure 3. Speeches by Employee Representatives

Figure 4. The Grant Distribution Ceremony of “Golden Autumn Student Aid” in GEM Taixing Park

Figure 5. The Grant Distribution Ceremony of “Golden Autumn Student Aid” in GEM Wuxi Park

Figure 6. The Grant Distribution Ceremony of “Golden Autumn Student Aid” in GEM Fu'an Park

Figure 7. The Grant Distribution Ceremony of “Golden Autumn Student Aid” in GER

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