GEM Selected as One of 50 Smartest Companies (TR50) by MIT Technology Review, Recognized by World for Sustainability
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On July 29, 2022, MIT Technology Review released the 2021 list of "50 Smartest Companies" (TR50). Inspired by the concept of "Sustainable Future", targeting Chinese innovators, the list foresees enterprises capable of leading China and world technology development. GEM was selected into the list as an enterprise committed to realizing green, low-carbon and circular development, striving to reduce carbon emissions and specializing in the R&D of new energy materials, being recognized by the world for its sustainable development practices.


As a Chinese leader in resources recycling, by tackling technical problems such as the technology for waste battery recycling, the technology for waste PCB recycling and the ternary "core" technology for power battery materials, GEM has achieved technical breakthroughs in the green processing and recycling of waste batteries, scrapped vehicles and other typical waste resources. To date GEM has built up 16 waste recycling and new energy materials parks across China, successfully made its way into South Africa, South Korea and Indonesia, and taken its green technologies to the world.

GEM's WEEE Recycling Value Chain

GEM's Full Life Cycle Chain of New Energy

Key figure: 15%

--GEM has established a full life cycle closed-loop recycling industry chain from cobalt-nickel resources recovery to cobalt-nickel materials remanufacture, to ultrafine cobalt powder materials remanufacture and to hard alloy remanufacture, remanufacturing recovered waste resources into new energy materials such as ultrafine cobalt powder, cobalt-nickel battery materials and tungsten carbide. GEM's ternary precursor output accounts for 15% of the world's total, ranking among the world's top three; its ultrafine cobalt powder output accounts for 60% of China's total and 50% of the world's total, ranking first in the world.

About MIT Technology Review's "50 Smartest Companies" (TR50):

Founded in 1899, MIT Technology Review has gained insight into emerging technologies and innovative business models in all times, paid close attention to the commercialization and capitalization of innovative technologies from the perspective of exploring opportunities, witnessed drastic industrial changes over the century, and been involved in the changes of the times triggered by one wave of new technologies after another.

Since 2010, MIT Technology Review has looked into the future of technologies by selecting the "50 Smartest Companies" (TR50) from thousands of companies worldwide each year.

To further explore Chinese innovators changing or expected to change China and the world, TR50 was introduced to China in November 2018 with focus on "Power of China"; in 2019, TR50 inspired by the concept of "Fulcrum of China" drew wide conception; in 2020, the concept of "Cohesion of China" was upgraded to "Fulcrum of China".

Inspired by the concept of "Sustainable Future", targeting innovators emerging in China, led by China and serving China, the 2021 list of TR50 released today is intended to select enterprises capable of leading China and world technology development in the future.

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