Functional responsibilities

Board of directors

The board of directors shall be the decision- making body of the company and shall be responsible to the general meeting of shareholders; The Board of Directors consists of five special committees on strategy, audit, nomination, remuneration and assessment, and information disclosure. Each committee is responsible to the Board of Directors and deliberates on major related transactions and other major matters of the company.

Board of Supervisors

All members of the Board of Supervisors of the Company have relevant professional knowledge and work experience; The board of supervisors shall independently and effectively supervise the directors and senior management of the company in performing their duties according to law according to the powers conferred by the articles of association of the company. To attend meetings of the board of directors without voting rights, and put forward relevant suggestions and opinions to the Board of directors.


The general manager of the company shall be responsible for organizing and implementing the resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders and the meeting of the Board of directors, presiding over the daily operation and management of the company, and submitting to the Board of Directors for decision-making in accordance with the articles of association concerning investment, financing, guarantees, related party transactions or other major matters.The general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management have formed a scientific and effective division of responsibilities and a check and balance mechanism, scientific decision-making and standardised operation, and the directors, supervisors and senior managers have faithfully and diligently performed their duties.

Internal organisation

According to the division of responsibilities and the actual situation of the company, the headquarters has set up sales, procurement, investment, research institute, administration, finance, capital, audit, securities, human resources, information, security and environmental protection etc., According to the characteristics of business sectors, the company has set up functional departments such as production, sales, procurement, warehousing, logistics, quality, infrastructure, engineering, technology, finance, administrative management, human resources and internal control.

Company independence

The controlling shareholders and actual controllers of the company strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Company Law, the Articles of Association and other relevant laws and regulations, fulfils their obligations of good faith, safeguard the independence of the listed company, and do not harm the legitimate rights and interests of the company and other shareholders. The Company maintains complete independence from the controlling shareholder in terms of business, assets, personnel, finance, organisation, etc., and has independent and complete business and self-management capabilities.

Internal audit

GEM Co., Ltd. has formulated the Rules of Procedure of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and the Internal Audit System and has been effectively implemented. The audit Committee is responsible for the communication, supervision and verification of the internal and external audit of the company, and realises the effective supervision of the company's financial revenues and expenditures and various business activities.

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