GEM’s dual carbon strategic goals

GEM is deeply integrated into the global carbon neutral development trend, closely following the national dual-carbon strategy, focusing on resource recycling and new energy material manufacturing, working from the low-carbon value chain, technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, green energy and other dimensions, and actively responding to Contribution to climate change.

Low carbon value chain

GEM leverages its advantages in the recycling industry to build low-carbon supply chains, improve corporate low-carbon standards, create low-carbon value for resource recycling businesses, jointly develop carbon-neutral products, develop carbon assets for recycling businesses, promote low-carbon life, and create a low-carbon brand with GEM characteristics. Value Chain.

Technological innovation

With low carbon as its guiding direction, GEM carries out research and development of low carbon technologies, low carbon products and low carbon processes to form a competitive low carbon technology and product system.

Energy conservation

GEM manages intelligent upgrades, production energy conservation and consumption reduction, equipment energy-efficiency transformation, electrification substitution and other tasks to reduce energy use and reduce carbon emissions.

Green energy

GEM actively promotes the use of new energy sources such as photovoltaics, biomass, energy storage, and green electricity, improves the energy structure, and creates a low-carbon energy system.

GEM will work with global partners to use responsible technology and actions to create a greener, better and sustainable future!

  • GEM employees plant carbonneutrality forest covering 10,000 mu
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