Water circulatory system

Water cycle

The company has set water saving targets for each production department, requiring each business unit to control the water consumption of each process and develop plans to reduce sewage discharge. The company has established a sound wastewater classification treatment system and water resource reuse system. The concentrated water of reverse osmosis membrane water is recycled to the production line for washing and slurry, and to the factory for washing water and fire water. The production washing water is treated by the membrane system and then reused to the dosing system for preparation and use; Saline wastewater is distilled and treated by MVR equipment and then reused to the production line and water production workshop as raw water to reduce the water intake. The concentrated water reuse rate of GEM sub-company Jingmen New Material water is more than 30%, the distilled water reuse is more than 98%, and the reclaimed water reuse is more than 60%.

Water saving

In terms of production, optimise the product washing process and reduce the use of hot water in 1 square/kettle. Reasonable planning of equipment use frequency, reduce the frequent use of tangential cleaning equipment. In terms of management, in order to enhance the awareness of water-saving of employees, it is required to regularly check the situation of running, bubbling, dripping and leaking, and repair the problem in time. Make accurate records of water resources consumption and make comparison between teams and groups to carry out performance appraisal.

  • Multi-stage RO system
  • Ion exchange resin system
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