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Green Ethics

Article 1: We are GEM, upholding a green dream. To be green is the deep aspiration of GEM. We have “green” blood flowing, and we regard green as the light of life. We adhere to the industrial concept of "limited resources and unlimited recycling" put forward by the founder of GEM,fulfill the green mission of "Recycling for the future!", and realize the green values of "Eliminating Pollution, Recycling Resources, Benefiting Mankind." With the vision of “Exploiting Urban Mines, Establishing World's Advanced Green Factories" and building up waste recycling plants around the world, we develop green materials and make green contributions on behalf of Chinese enterprises to the effective use of resources and energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, for the purpose of building a community of human destiny.

Article 2: We follow the Global Environmental Compact of the Paris Agreement, agree with the UN Sustainable Development Goals andactively implement "carbon neutrality" activities. We follow the new developmental concept of "ecological priority, green development", to share the destiny with mankind, and to be green citizens of the Earth and practitioners on the development of the global green industry.

Article 3: We pursue the green moral concept of "the harmonious existence of man and nature", follow "Taoism law of nuture" and "the unity of man and nature". We keep striving to correct our desires and behaviors in a bid to conform to nature and avoid any harm to both natureand human living environment. We uphold the belief that "the great virtueis like water"; thus, we respect all animals' and plants' right to life, refuse to eat wild animals and other animals and plants that are globally-banned.We guarantee that every hard-earned coin and cent we acquire through efforts is not at the cost of the sacrifice of the environment and destruction of nature.

Article 4: We follow green social responsibility, disseminate green ideas,fully open environmental and social responsibility information to the public, actively participate in green assistance activities and environmental public welfare activities, support civil environmental protection and green public welfare activities, and support employees to participate in green volunteer activities. We oppose all actions that violate environmental protection and green development, speak for the Earth cleanness and the nature greenness, and continue to increase the greenness of the Earth and nature with our endless efforts.

Green Management

Article 5: The company's business activities are guided by the principles of reducing the Earth's environmental load and improving the Earth's environmental carrying capacity. It follows global laws and regulationson environmental protection and green development, and cooperates with global companies to build a green industrial-supply and full life cyclevalue chain. The value chain rejects the use of non-green products and products and raw materials that do not comply with global social responsibility, reduces the use of products with high environmental loads,and achieves the harmonious unification of economic benefits and social responsibility through economical recycling.

Article 6: The company's production activities abide by the 3R principles of circular economy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), carry out full-processe cological design (Eco-design), adopt green technologies, implement cleaner production, and continuously improve environmental treatment facilities. It completes the safe disposal and recycling of waste gas, wastewater, waste residues and various wastes generated by production activities, so as to ensure that various emissions meet international standards, for the purpose of minimizing the impact of production activities on the environment. It continues to promote the reduction of waste sources and the utilization of resources to minimize the generation of waste. The GEM builds global green factories, promotes thein tegration of "production, living and ecology", and promotes bluer sky,greener land and clearer water in the world.

Article 7: The company's business activities are dominated by adherence to waste recycling and green material remanufacturing. The main funds are used to develop waste recycling and green materials. It actively participates in the construction of waste-free cities.

Article 8: The company's innovation activities are dominated by the development of green technologies for waste recycling and green materials. It continues to develop green technologies for waste recycling,to play a technological and innovative role in the development of the global waste recycling industry, and to share with peers around the world on technical progress and industrial achievements in the field of waste circulation.

Article 9: The company's cultural activities are carried out with the theme of "Recycling for future!" and "Promoting the progress of global green civilization" to the world, so as to actively promote green consumption and green procurement. Throughout the company's business activities,production activities, employee work, employee life, etc, we spread green ideas, introduce green culture, carry out all staff waste sorting-out activities, advocate resource conservation and energy conservation,reduce emissions and the use of non-green products, promote all employees to "speak green words, do green things, eat green food, and practice green lifestyles", implement factories opening doors, build acircular economy communication platform, and spread green ideas and green industrial practices to the world.

Green Strive

Article 10: We voluntarily choose to contribute wisdom and strength tothe development of the green industry in the world. We guard each other with GEM and build and share together on the green development platform of GEM, working hard to exhaust all our life energy. We promote the progress and development of world's green industry, green technology and green civilization. We always protect the green, share thedestiny with mankind and the Earth, never give up, move forward bravely,and make unremitting efforts to realize the green dream and green value of mankind!

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