Waste plastic recycling

Through fine sorting and modified recycling, GEM specializes in customizing recycled plastic particles, allowing the company's waste plastics to re-enter the supply chain of automobiles, home appliances, daily necessities and other fields, realizing "electronic products - waste plastics - modified recycled plastic particles - "Recycled Plastic Products" is a high-value plastic life cycle utilization model.

The company's waste plastic modification and recycling business all uses recycled plastics, and is deeply modified according to the needs of downstream customers, integrating the advantages of recycled plastics and modified plastics business. Compared with traditional plastic recycling business enterprises, the company can provide more effective solutions for complex waste plastics, advanced cleaning, sorting and regeneration modification granulation technology, recycled plastic products with higher performance and quality stability, and better Environmental management can be added to a larger proportion of terminal plastic products. Compared with traditional plastic modification companies, the use of recycled plastics can reduce dependence on virgin plastics, reduce carbon emissions, and save petroleum resources. At the same time, because the raw materials partly come from its own electronic waste dismantling products, it has certain cost advantages.

Plastic pollution has become a hot global environmental issue. Recycling waste plastics and reducing plastic leakage into the environment have become important ways to control plastic pollution. Major consumer brands have made commitments to increase the use of recycled plastics in their products. The company's sources of recycled plastic raw materials have expanded to include non-electronic waste, including HDPE rigid packaging, PP lunch boxes and other waste plastic raw materials, making an active contribution to efforts to control plastic pollution.

In June 2020, the company joined forces with Sinopec, Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil, Kingfa Technology, Kingfisher Group, Aifengxing Aihuishou, Meituan Waimai, Longfu Environmental Technology, and Shuye as the first batch of sponsors. A total of 16 units including Environmental Protection, Covestro, Suez, BP China, BASF, and SK Integrated Chemical established a green recycled plastic supply chain joint working group under the leadership of the Sinopec Federation and the China Material Recycling Association. The working group is committed to solving the bottleneck problems existing in the construction of plastic circular economy. Through the cooperation of important stakeholders, we will build a standard and evaluation system that is jointly recognized by the entire recycled plastic industry chain, open up all links in the plastic industry chain, and promote the application and application of green recycled plastics. The construction of green plastic supply chain explores a new model for the development of plastic circular economy in China and even the world.

In terms of technological accumulation and progress in the waste plastic modification and recycling business, the company has built a mixed plastic spectral analysis and identification database, designed a near-infrared spectrum intelligent identification and sorting system for waste plastics, and achieved high-quality PP, PS, and ABS in home appliance plastics. Purity separation, purity reaches 98%.

The company has passed GRS (Global Recycling System), IATF16949 (International Automotive Working Group) and other system certifications, and is one of the companies listed in the "Industry Standards for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Plastics" published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company is one of the three suppliers of the 2020 green manufacturing system solution for the integrated application of product green design and manufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Congratulations to GEM for signing a strategic cooperation agreement on PCR plastics with Panasonic Group.


First ones! GEM successfully obtained the Chain of custody re-label system certification for the production and marketing of green recycled plastics.


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