Exploiting urban mines, developing new energy materials, and promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality GEM's June 5 World Environment Day is open to the public
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The topic of GEM's June 5 World Environment Day is exploiting urban mines, developing new energy materials, and promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and building a clean and beautiful world. Recently, GEM group organized a series of circular economy promotion activities open to the public, implemented the Group's strategy of "opening the door to the public", and increased the frequency of the series of activities of "please come in" and "go out". A variety of public open activities were carried out one by one in the beautiful green GEM Park, through "fancy publicity". GEM low-carbon celebrities actively promoted the concept of low-carbon environmental protection to the public, in order to promote the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and to highlight the social responsibility of large enterprises.

Please come in and feel the environmental protection, development, and true GEM

From May 28th to June 3rd, GEM Jingmen Park, Taixing Park, Wuxi Park, Wuhan Park, Fu'an Qingmei Park, Tianjin Park, Green Circle Jiangxi Park and Inner Mongolia Park have invited local people's congress deputies, CPPCC members, community residents and representatives of primary and secondary school students to enter the park to experience the GEM atmosphere, understand the GEM brand, and witness the green art of GEM.

"Why are there so many bubbles on the surface of the water?" "How come there are whirlpools in the sewage?" "How can there be so much sludge in the water?" At the Jingmen Park Chengnan Sewage Treatment Plant, the sixth-grade children have so many questions; "GEM's development philosophy is very good. Every time i come, I can find different places. It is obvious that it is getting better and better." When the environmental protection inspector Zhou Meiqing observe the dismantling line of the refrigerator,he said., "from a small enterprise to a gruop with a production value of 20 billion, GEM is not easy. And it is not easy to take into account the surrounding environment while developing." In the national "urban mine" museum, the resident representative said, "with continuous actions of eliminating pollution, rebuilding resources, planting green and reducing carbon, cleaning production, implementing green and low carbon, GEM uses practical actions to straighten out for itself and prove to the society!"
The students of primary and secondary school and employees in Xinwu District, Wuxi City, walked into the park and hand in hand to learn green and low-carbon environmental protection knowledge, to spread the green development concept of GEM, and to practice green and low-carbon life with practical actions; Wuhan Park welcomed young Hubei radio and television reporters to experience the art of "turning garbage into treasure" at close range in the waste art theme park and waste recycling production workshop. A group of 35 people consisting of Fengcheng Environmental Protection Bureau and environmental protection volunteers walked into the Green Cycle Jiangxi Park to experience the real production and living environment of the park, and truly understand the meaning of green factories. Tianjin Park organized public open activities to take children to visit the City Mine Museum and learn environmental protection knowledge together. The main responsible persons of 22 enterprises in the Dalat Banner Economic Development Zone walked into the Green Cycle Inner Mongolia Park to visit the museum and the electronic waste dismantling workshop...

More and more members of the public enter the GEM Park, walk into the production workshop, join the front line of environmental protection, zero-distance contact and  experience the green environmental protection cause of GEM to pass on the positive energy of environmental protection, and create a good social atmosphere for everyone to participate in ecological environmental protection.

Go out, spread the concept of environmental protection, and practice low-carbon life

Through the promotion of circular culture and social interaction, the social agree and understand the value of GEM. At the sharing meeting of "Beautiful Yangtze River Youth Action" in Hubei Province, Dr. Peng Tao, Executive Vice President of GEM Wuhan Innovation Research Institute, gave a keynote speech on "GEM, a practitioner of urban mines". In the theme activity of the 2022 Wuhan "June Five" World Environment Day carried out by the Wuhan Ecological Environment Education Center, Wang Lang, Environmental Protection Director of Chengmin Group, was invited to participate... GEM's concept of "recycling for future" has been recognized by governments, enterprises, organizations and universities.
Practice a green and low-carbon lifestyle with actions, and use activities to deeply plant the concept of environmental protection in people's hearts. Wuxi Park walked into the Lixin community to publicize environmental protection garbage classification and battery recycling knowledge. To popularize the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" policy, they went to Daxigang Wetland Park to hike and clean up all kinds of garbage along the way. Xiantao Park carried out "barter" activities to improve the utilization rate of goods and reduce the waste of resources. The Green Cycle Inner Mongolia Park carried out the activity of "exchanging waste small household appliances for green plants", and the number of people participating in environmental protection publicity activities reached more than 100 person-times.

After walking into GEM, they said so

· I hope that GEM is becoming more and more beautiful and more environmentally friendly.
· Your park is full of vitality. There are many young people, and the park is also beautiful.
· In the sewage treatment plant, I saw the change in waste water treatment. The treatment process was improved, and I felt that the environment was gradually improved.
· Every time I come, there will still be a different feeling, and there will be good changes.
· GEM's concept and vibrant side are worth learning for many companies.
· Now I can't smell in the workshop, and my eyes are very comfortable.
· The transformation of GEM is very large, and the importance of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, which is admirable.

In recent years, GEM has firmly established the green development concept of "clear water and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver", coordinated to promote the environmental governance of the park and the high-quality development of the company, and planted the green background and color of GEM. At the same time, GEM actively open the door to the public and the parks in different areas warmly invite all sectors of society to enter the park. They take the initiative to go to the public with green feelings, and to promote the concept of low-carbon environmental protection to go deep into the park and into the community, which truly realizing the "three boundless boundaries" between the park and the society, the city and the community, so that the public can walk into the GEM, know the GEM, fall in love with the GEM, and strive to be a green and low-carbon master!
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