Congratulations on the Grand Launching of “Public Visit Day” in GEM Jingmen Park
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The day of June 5 is the World Environment day. The theme of this session is “natural resources are the most valuable resources”. In order to live out the concept of low-carbon manufacturing and green development, on June 5, Jingmen Environmental Protection Bureau joined hands with GEM (Jingmen) Recycling Industry Park to hold the “Public Visit Day” for environmental protection, which was attended by more than 60 people including Jingmen Environmental Protection Bureau, Jingmen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, journalists from Jingmen Daily, and some resident representatives.

Before the start of the seminar, guests visited the GEM "Urban Mines" museum, the electronic waste treatment workshop, the circuit board disassembly workshop, the waste battery pretreatment workshop, the wastewater workshop, the ternary power battery material manufacturing workshop. They learned the process of turning waste into treasure, and the process of pollution-free treatment of waste water, waste gas, waste residue and other wastes.

After the visit, Ouyang Mingzhi, the Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors of GEM, shared GEM’s efforts in the environmental protection industry and its social responsibility as a listed company. All stakeholders had in-depth communication and intense discussions on issues concerned. All attending stakeholders admitted that a beautiful environment is the common request of citizens, and environmental protection is the development method and path of Jingmen city. It is a wise move to hold the Public Visit Day to hear the voices of citizens and accept requests. GEM needs to be more open in the subsequent development, allowing more people to understand and oversee the company and boost the company to grow faster and better.

After the seminar, Jingmen Environmental Protection Bureau held the press conference to brief on the routine supervision, discharging compliance and company-wide rectification of GEM, and exchange opinions with media representatives.

This event was also attended by Tang Dan, the supervisor of GEM, Ouyang Mingzhi, the deputy general manager and secretary of the board of directors of GEM, and Zhang Yunhe, the president of the Institute of Waste Resources Utilization.

Figure 1 All stakeholders were visiting the wastewater treatment workshop of GEM

Figure 2 The scene of the Public Visit Day seminar

Figure 3 Jingmen Environmental Protection Bureau was running the press conference

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