Protect the Earth with Recycling and Environmental Protection-GEM Jingmen Park Holds Public Visit Day cum Parent-Child Campaign
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On June 1, the day of the International Children’s Day and before the “June 5” World Environment Day, Jingmen GEM New Material Co., Ltd. invited children from nearby communities, schools and employee families to organize a public visit day and a parent-child campaign in the park themed “Protect the Earth with Recycling and Environmental Protection”. On the exact day of the Children’s Day, the children near the park had not only a special childhood memory, but also a personal educational class about environmental protection. Nearly 100 families from Xinglong Sub-district Office, Country Garden Community, and GEM Jingmen Park signed up for the event and their kids vied for the “little expert of environmental protection”.


Figure 1: Kids and their parents were taking a group photo at the door of Chinese National WEEE Recycling Engineering Research Center

This event was designed for publicizing the general environment protection concept and knowledge to families near GEM Jingmen Park and their children, intensifying the interactive relationship between parents and children via parent-child campaigns, and educating them on environmental protection in games. Meanwhile, GEM Jingmen Park invited nearby residents and their children to visit the park, take part in events, and experience the real production and life in the park, allowing the public to personally learn about GEM’s recycling business, the implementation of the environmental protection philosophy in production and operation, the investments in environmental facilities, and environmental protection measures. The purpose is to jointly construct a harmonious and civilized relationship between GEM and the community by holding interactive events.

The event consisted of the visit and the parent-child campaign. After entering the park, visitors were stunned by the breath-taking landscape of the Baofeng Lake bathing in the morning breeze and the rising sunlight. The garden-like park surroundings were really cozy.

Led by the staff of the park, all the children and their parents started to visit Chinese National WEEE Recycling Engineering Research Center, also known as the “Urban Mines” Museum of GEM. This is a recycling economy museum themed “urban mines”, and also one of the critical national demonstrative bases for the education of recycling economy. Upon the entry of the museum gate, the giant television wall and the circuit board wall took the breath away. Televisions produced in different years formed the shape of Himalayas to demonstrate the hundred-year-old history of televisions and symbolize the current status of electronic wastes produced by human. On the wall of different circuit board wastes wrote “resources are finite but recycling is infinite”, which is the industrial tenet of GEM upheld since its inception to recycle wastes, turn them into treasure, and realize the recycling utilization of resources.


Figure 2: The visit to the urban mines museum

Afterwards, the children and their parents were taken to visit the “Three Waste” Management Center, the world-leading power battery material manufacturing base, and the electronic waste treatment workshop. While carefully listening to the explanations of the commentator, the children asked questions about the coming and going of electronic wastes.


Figure 3: Visit the e-waste dismantling workshop


Figure 4: Visit the power battery material manufacturing base

In the GEM Employee Activity Center, the host meticulously planned a parent-child campaign that was both funny and educational. The scrapped battery throwing game was to advocate the classification of waste batteries, implement the recycling concept and improve the awareness of environmental protection; the gesture guessing game was to improvement the interaction between parents and children via their tacit teamwork; the puzzle game was to tell children that unity is strength and let families work together to piece together poems of love. The event was interspersed with environmental protection tips and quizzes to popularize environmental protection concepts and knowledge. The last event was to provide painting brushes and two pieces of blank paper, on which all the children were involved and pleased in outlining the green dreams of their own.


Figure 5: The scrapped battery throwing game


Figure 6: The environmental protection tips and quizzes


Figure 7: Children were outlining their green dreams and taking photos with their works


Figure 8: GEM prepared stationeries and other generous gifts for children

At the end of the event, Professor Xu Kaihua, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of GEM Group, and Mrs. Wang Min, the Director of GEM, took a group photo with the children. Chairman Xu Kaihua shared with the children his childhood stories and school-related histories. He mentioned that the purpose of GEM parks to organize public visit days and parent-child campaigns is to connect production, life and ecology. GEM will always announce environment-related information and knowledge, and also welcome anyone to visit GEM. We are willing to join hands with you to proceed towards a clean environment for the bliss of our children, and for the green dream and the future!


Figure 9: Chairman Xu Kaihua was delivering a speech at the event


Figure 10: A group photo of the Chairman Xu Kaihua, the Director Wang Min, and the “little expert of environmental protection”

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