Ten spirits of GEM

The ten spirits constitute GEM's unique green spiritual cultural system.

  • Spirit of Green

  • Spirit of Entrepreneurial

  • Spirit of Fighting

  • Spirit of Talent

  • Spirit of Innovative

  • Spirit of Collaborative

  • Spirit of Performance

  • Spirit of Learning

  • Spirit of Reflective

  • Spirit of Responsible

  • clear

Practice green business and carve a leading position in the recycling industry

GEM is committed to the industrial strategy of "urban mines + new energy materials," and has established a resource recycling model and a clean energy material model to achieve the objective of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. GEM has made a breakthrough in solving the critical technical difficulties in green treatment and recycling of typical waste resources such as used batteries, e-waste, and scrapped vehicles in China. GEM has built a new energy full life-cycle value chain, a cobalt, and tungsten, and other rare metal resources recycling value chain, a waste plastic recycling value chain, and other resource recycling modes and new energy recycling modes, establishing itself as the world's top waste recycling company and a representative of the world's most advanced enterprises committed to green and low-carbon development.

 GEM has achieved multiple advancements in recycling low-grade, refractory cobalt and nickel metal waste with high-efficiency, green, and full-process recycling technologies. GEM has also developed high-performance ternary material precursor preparation technologies, including ultra-high nickel, cobalt-free, quaternary, monocrystalline, and core-shell, and built the world's most comprehensive system for manufacturing lithium-ion battery raw materials and supplies, with an annual production capacity of 230,000 tons, thus establishing a presence in the core supply chains of the world's leading power battery companies. GEM produced over 280,000 tons of ternary precursors between 2016 and 2021. Averaging 100 kg ternary precursors per vehicle, GEM has assembled nearly 2.8 million new energy vehicles with ternary batteries, accounting for 15% of the global total of new energy vehicles with ternary batteries during the same period, placing it comfortably in second place in the world. GEM has successfully established cooperative relations with more than 500 automakers and battery factories worldwide, including Samsung, Ronbay, EVE Energy, JEVE, Farasis Energy, Toyota, Volkswagen, BAIC, etc., creating a national hierarchical recycling network system with an annual processing capacity of 250,000 power battery packs and establishing a whole life-cycle green model for the "from green to green" new energy vehicle industry chain.
GEM has developed a full life-cycle value chain for tungsten resources: tungsten resource recycling - resource regeneration - material remanufacturing - product remanufacturing - product reuse. Annual recycled tungsten resources account for more than 5% of the total yield of raw (primary mining) tungsten in China, with waste tungsten recycling products, including ammonium paratungstate (APT), electrolytic tungsten carbide, and primary tungsten carbide, dominating China's market.  
GEM has built a recycling value chain of e-waste, i.e., e-waste recycling and dismantling - waste plastic recycling - metal recycling. Moreover, GEM has overcome the engineering practice problems of green recycling, fine sorting, and high-value utilization of e-waste, waste plastics, and waste circuit boards and developed critical technical equipment, including full-component recycling, full-element utilization, and refined remanufacturing of e-waste. GEM's annual recycling and processing capacity of scrapped home appliances has exceeded 10 million units, accounting for 10% of China's total scrapped household appliances. 
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