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On June 5, 2024, the 53rd World Environment Day arrived as scheduled. Actively implementing the strategy of opening up to the public, GEM focused on the theme "Comprehensively Advance the Beautiful China Initiative to Achieve Harmony Between Humans and Nature.", continued to enhance the openness and service of its global core parks, meticulously planned and organized a series of circular economy promotion activities for the general public.This event featured over 20 sessions and attracted nearly 3,000 participants. It aimed to make publicity and promotion for GEM's recycling culture and green industry globally, inspiring and mobilizing people from all walks of life to actively engage in ecological and environmental protection practices. By doing so, GEM contributes to building a Beautiful China and a sustainable world.

Welcome Global Friends

To enhance public awareness and understanding of the circular economy, GEM actively invited community residents, environmentalists, school students, and media representatives to visit its various facilities. Through on-site tours, discussion forums, special lectures, and interactive experiences, participants gained an in-depth understanding of GEM's significant achievements and extensive experience in resource recycling, green industry, and scientific and technological innovation. In Jingmen, Hubei, nearly 400 environmentalists, media friends, and school student representatives visited GEM's "Urban Mines" Museum, the WEEE Green Processing Center, and the Safety and Environmental Management Control Center. They experienced firsthand the allure of the circular economy and the powerful impact of technological innovation.

In Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, over 30 Indonesian teachers and students were invited to visit the QMB Park. Through activities such as visiting the Nickel Industry Museum, participating in environmental science classes, conducting fun experiments, and watching educational films on environmental themes, they gained a deeper understanding of environmental knowledge and developed a passion for green science. This event not only showcased QMB as a model of collaboration between a Chinese company and the local Indonesian community but also highlighted QMB's commitment to practicing ESG principles and actively fulfilling its social responsibilities.


In Fengcheng, Jiangxi, students and teachers from Hezhou Primary School visited GEM Jiangxi Park. They visited the Polymer Materials Recycling Research Institute, the E-waste Green Processing Center, and the Recycled Plastics Manufacturing Workshop, experiencing the magical process of turning waste into treasure. The students showed great interest in the recycling and reprocessing of waste materials. Seeing their used items transformed into toys, pens, clothes, and more, they exclaimed in amazement, "Plastic is performing magic!"

Spreads Circular Economy Culture

In addition, GEM’s green guardians actively reached out to communities, neighborhoods, and other grassroots units, collaborating with local environmental departments and nonprofit organizations to carry out diverse environmental education activities. They took center stage in promoting environmental protection, becoming pioneers of waste-free enterprises, and organized green recycling events to advocate for “Equipment Renewals and Trade-ins of Consumer Goods” initiatives.

In Wuhan, Hubei, GEM was invited to participate in the 2024 International Day for Biological Diversity and World Environment Day events in the Yangtze River New Area. With the theme "Work Together for a Beautiful Green East Lake to Achieve Harmonious Coexistence between Humanity and Nature," GEM conducted green recycling activities and further promoted the ECO Recycling digital platform, contributing to the national initiative for "Equipment Renewals and Trade-ins of Consumer Goods” work, and calling on the public to join efforts in building a better home together.

In Wuxi, Jiangsu, GEM was invited to participate in the 2024 "Environmental Month" ecological environment law promotion activities in Wuxi High-tech Zone (Xinwu District). GEM was awarded the "Waste-free Enterprise" honorary plaque by the Wuxi City “Waste -free City” Construction Leadership Group.

In Taixing, Jiangsu, GEM was invited to participate in the Taixing City 2024 Environment Day and the Sixth Environmental Culture Festival. During the event, GEM took part in the release of the initiative titled "Comprehensively Advance the Beautiful China Initiative in Tribute to the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of New China."

In Ningde, Fujian Province, GEM personnel donned "Green Landscape, Beautiful China" volunteer uniforms and ventured into streets, alleys, rivers, and wetlands. They transformed into "street sweepers," becoming guardians of the urban environment.

Series of activities on World Environment Day not only showcased GEM's innovative achievements and practical experiences in the field of circular economy to the world, but also demonstrated GEM's responsibility as a leading enterprise in the circular economy, which inspired more social forces to actively participate in ecological environmental protection. In the future, GEM will continue to uphold the development philosophy of "limited resources, unlimited recycling," continuously promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and contributing more to the realization of the Beautiful China.

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