Promoting the Integration of Technology and Culture, Growing Together with Indonesia QMB Signs a Cooperation Agreement with the MRPTNI
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On May 18, 2024, QMB was invited to participate in the National Cultural Festival organized by Padang State University. Guests at the event included Andi Amran Sulaiman, Indonesia's Minister of Agriculture, Professor Abdul Haris, Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, and nearly 80 presidents of Indonesian national universities.

At the event, a grand ceremony was held to sign the cooperation agreement between QMB and the MRPTNI. Peng Yaguang, Deputy General Manager of GEM and General Manager of QMB, and Professor Ganefri, Chairman of MRPTNI, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. The agreement covers areas such as academic activities, educational programs, community services, and resource development. It aims to promote academic exchange through diverse academic activities, enhance students' practical skills and overall quality by providing internships through the company, actively participate in campus recruitment activities to support Indonesian students in achieving career development, and offer social assistance to communities surrounding the industrial park. These efforts are part of a commitment to implementing ESG principles in practice. The signing of this agreement marks another significant milestone in promoting the deep integration of Chinese and Indonesian technology and culture. In the future, QMB and the MRPTNI will engage in extensive cooperation across various fields. By leveraging complementary advantages and sharing resources, it aims to greatly enhance the innovative collaboration capabilities in education and research between QMB and Indonesian universities. This partnership seeks to cultivate more high-quality talents with international vision and innovative capabilities, contributing to the prosperous development of China and Indonesia in the fields of technology and cultural integration.

Additionally, Dr. Wang Yaning, Vice President of the GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Institute, presented a detailed report "GEM in Indonesia" to the attending guests. She elaborated on the significant achievements of GEM in the integration of industry, culture, and technology in Indonesia. Dr. Wang also introduced the admission policies for the "CMMAI-GEM-CSU" joint master's international program in English. The report garnered significant attention and enthusiastic responses from the attendees. After the presentation, several guests proactively reached out to the QMB team to express their interest in collaboration.

Peng Yangguang (middle), Deputy General Manager of GEM and General Manager of QMB, and Professor Ganefri (second from left), Chairman of the MRPTNI, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties

Dr. Wang Yaning, Vice President of the GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Institute, delivered a report "GEM in Indonesia"  in English

QMB team took a group photo with Professor Abdul Haris (middle), Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology in Indonesia

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