The Chinese Language Training Course (Phase 2) for the Indonesian Government-GEM-CSU Joint Engineering Master's International Training Class in Material Science and Metallurgical Technology Completed Successfully
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On May 19, 2024, the graduation ceremony and achievement reporting of the Chinese language training course (Phase 2) for the Indonesian Government-GEM-CSU joint engineering master's international training class in material science and metallurgical technology (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese language training course (phase 2)"), organized by GEM-CMMAI-CSU, was successfully held at the Company's International Training Center. Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM, and Ms. Wang Min, Co-founder, Joint Actual Controller and Board Director of GEM, as well as other GEM leaders attended the graduation ceremony, and witnessed this historic and exciting moment together with 28 Indonesian Master of Engineering students.

From the first introduction to Pinyin, the complexity of writing Chinese characters, to fluent conversation practice, through nearly three months of "immersive" Chinese learning, 28 students who previously had no basic knowledge of Chinese successfully passed the final exam and obtained certificates of completion. Among the students, Santa Laetitia Nusa Putri and Seli Anriana were awarded Certificates of Honor for their outstanding achievements and made speeches on stage as representatives of the outstanding students. On that occasion, they expressed their sincere gratitude to GEM for this wonderful training opportunity. The successful completion of the Chinese language training course (phase 2) Course once again demonstrates the great success of the company's Chinese language learning model.

"Chinese is like an insurmountable mountain with unfamiliar words and tones." Santa Laetitia Nusa Putri said that this "immersion" Chinese learning is very meaningful, because GEM provides comfortable living facilities, a good learning environment, a complete teaching system, a very beautiful and comfortable classroom, a cozy living room, a delicious canteen, making it very helpful in improving Chinese language skills. She used the expression "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" to express her feelings about this Chinese learning journey, believing that "perseverance can make up for lack of ability" and "heaven rewards the diligent". In the future, she will continue to deepen her Chinese language study with full enthusiasm and determination, and look forward to achieving brilliant results in the upcoming journey of scientific and cultural exploration.

Seli Anriana describes learning Mandarin as a valuable life experience, gaining not only knowledge but also genuine friendships. The training trip is coming to an end, but it does not mean the end of the learning process, but rather a new beginning. Learning Chinese is a long-term process, and she will continue to keep her passion for learning Chinese and keep working hard to make progress in the future.

At the graduation ceremony, Chairman Xu Kaihua warmly congratulated the participants of the Chinese language training course (phase 2) on their successful completion of their studies, praised the excellent learning results achieved by the participants, and fully recognized the hard work of the team of lecturers and teaching assistants. Chairman Xu Kaihua proudly said that after three months of diligent study, the Chinese language skills of the trainees have improved significantly, which is the result of their respective efforts and is a reflection of the success of the Chinese language training model.

In addition, Chairman Xu Kaihua also shared the good news that he was honored by being granted the first Golden Visa issued by the Indonesian government to the Chinese community. He emphasized that this honor could not be achieved without the significant results achieved by GEM in promoting the China-Indonesia joint development of an international class of Metallurgy. The successful implementation of this project has attracted wide attention and praise in Indonesia, marking a great success in the integration and exchange of science, technology and culture between China and Indonesia. Looking to the future, GEM will continue to embrace greater responsibilities and missions to promote China-Indonesia co-cultivation of master-level international classes from the development mode of "1" to "1+N", and to achieve the expansion of enrollment from new energy materials and metallurgical engineering technologies to transportation, bio-medicine, non-ferrous metals international trade, and so on. The above four fields, comprehensively for the economic and social development of the golden Indonesia of 2045, in order to provide strong talent support.

Chairman Xu Kaihua, sent a message to all trainees with the words "Look up at the stars in the sky and keep your feet on the ground". He said that the stars in the sky are beautiful and provide infinite hope, and he hopes that everyone can build beautiful ideals and realize them through real efforts. Chairman Xu Kaihua encouraged them all to do a good job on the next step of experiments, learn excellent techniques, write excellent theses, successfully complete the graduation examination, and make contributions to scientific and cultural exchanges through cooperation between China and Indonesia, as well as to the development of Indonesia.

After the graduation ceremony, the Chinese language training course (phase 2) presented a wonderful and marvelous cultural performance. They sang songs, recited poems and performed dramas in fluent Chinese, performed traditional Indonesian dances that have a long history and the Ancient Chinese Fantasy Story "Journey to the West", which not only showed their Chinese proficiency after diligent study and practice, but also gave a beautiful picture of the blending of China and Indonesia cultures.

Chairman Xu Kaihua and Director Wang Min with all the students and teachers of the Chinese language training course (phase 2)

Outstanding students of the Chinese language training course (phase 2) receiving awards on stage

Representatives of the Chinese language training course (phase 2) receiving graduation certificates

Chairman Xu Kaihua delivered a speech

Outstanding student Santa Laetitia Nusa Putri delivered her speech

Outstanding student Seli Anriana delivered her speech

The Chinese language training course (phase 2) students performing Indonesian traditional dance "Wonderful Indonesia"

The Chinese language training course (phase 2) students sing the song "On the Hopeful Field" in Mandarin

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