Promoting Science and Technology- Cultural Integration and Growing with Indonesia 16 Rectors of Reputable Universities from Five Islands in Indonesia Visited GEM Indonesia-PT.QMB
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On May 3 to 4, 2024, a distinguished group of 16 university rectors from five islands in Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "MRPTNI"), organized by MRPTNI Chairman, Prof. Ganefri, and General Secretary, Prof. Rina Indiastuti, visited GEM Indonesia-PT.QMB (hereinafter referred to as "MRPTNI guests"). The MRPTNI guests were warmly received by Prof. Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM.

On May 3, the MRPTNI delegates arrived at QMB Park and were enthusiastically welcomed by more than one hundred people, including student representatives from the International Master of Indonesian Government-GEM-CSU joint engineering master's international training class in material science and metallurgical technology, Engineering team representatives as well as the Chinese and Indonesian employees. MRPTNI guests visited the HPAL high-tech production line at QMB Nickel Resources, the Nickel Resources Industry Museum, and the Engineering and Technology Research Center for Hydrometallurgy and New Energy Materials at QMB Laterite Nickel Mine, with the aim to learn about the change of nickel resources technology from traditional metallurgy to new energy materials manufacturing, and to experience the green manufacturing journey brought by world-class hydrometallurgy technology. In the evening, under the theme of " Cultural Integration and Growing Together with Indonesia", PT.QMB organized the " Nickel Island Night" party to welcome guests who came from afar and performed the unique charm of Chinese-Indonesian cultural integration.

On May 4, under the theme "Promoting Science Technology-Cultural Integration and Growing Together with Indonesia", a meeting on the exchange of new energy industry and science, technology and culture was held by MRPTNI and GEM&QMB Nickel Resources in IMIP, which was attended by Prof. Ganefri and his delegation, Prof. Djoko Suprapto, General Manager of IMIP, Prof. Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM, as well as representatives from Tsingshan, Merdeka, Huaqing, ChengTok Lithium Energy, BTR, and other companies in IMIP.

Professor Ganefri, Chairman of MRPTNI, on behalf of the 146 universities that are members of the Assembly of Rectors of Indonesian National Universities (MRPTNI), and particularly the reputable universities from five islands in Indonesia that visited QMB, expressed his gratitude to Chairman Xu Kaihua for encouraging the development of science and technology in Indonesia. Chairman Ganefri pointed out that through this short visit, he intuitively felt the beneficial results of GEM's practice of investment and dissemination of knowledge and technology and culture in Indonesia. By not only promoting local economic prosperity and growth, but also injecting vitality and enthusiasm into Indonesian society, science and technology, culture and other fields, it serves as a model for promoting friendship and cooperation between Indonesia and China. Professor Ganefri said that the committee members will widely disseminate this visit and seek to further deepen cooperation, and is expected to facilitate senior talents from major universities in Indonesia to intern at QMB, conduct cooperative projects, and other activities. This is not only for the development of QMB, but also to promote the deep integration of science and technology and culture between the two countries, and to grow together with Indonesia.

Chairman Xu Kaihua remarked that 16 university rectors in Indonesia visited PT.QMB simultaneously, making this the largest cultural integration in the history of Chinese companies investing overseas. Chairman Xu Kaihua sincerely appreciated all the rectors for bringing the friendship and cultural strength of Indonesian universities to Chinese companies, which not only strengthened the confidence of Chinese companies to invest in Indonesia, but also further practiced the spirit of talks between the heads of state of China and Indonesia.

In the following keynote speech, Chairman Xu Kaihua delivered a speech in English entitled "dance with nickel and move towards a green future", where he addressed the current situation of the rapid development of new energy and electrification around the world as well as the importance of nickel resources. He said that Indonesia, with abundant nickel resources, is at the crossroads of electrification and new energy development, containing huge development opportunities. Chairman Xu Kaihua also showed guests the blueprint of the GEM-Institut Teknologi Bandung Joint Laboratory, which will be built into a world-class engineering research center for new energy materials and metallurgical technology research, and to provide key talents and key technological support for the development of electrification and key minerals in Indonesia. In the future, GEM will focus on the development of the new energy industry chain in Indonesia, realize the industry ideal of "investing laterite nickel ore and creating new energy materials", promote Indonesia's metallurgical science and new energy industry to enter the world-class level, and work together with Indonesia towards an eco-friendly future!

Dr. Wang Yaning, Vice President of GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Institute, introduced the achievements of the CMMAI-GEM-CSU cooperation program for Engineering Master of Materials Science and Metallurgical Technology to the guests in detail, and promoted the recruitment of the 4th batch of China-Indonesia Cooperation Master Engineering International Class, highlighting that the 4th batch of joint cultivation class has been expanded from metallurgical engineering to metallurgical engineering and new energy material science engineering, transportation engineering (high-speed railway direction) and international trade (non-ferrous metal trade direction), three majors and new student admission policy. The guests highly praised GEM's achievements in talent development and cultural exchange in Indonesia.

During the meeting, the two sides had warm exchanges and in-depth discussions on topics such as mine rehabilitation, corporate-community relations, and social publicity, reaching a consensus to continue to promote multi-level exchanges and cooperation between MRPTNI and PT.QMB.

Peng Yaguang, Deputy General Manager of GEM and General Manager of QMB, and Xu Pengyun, Assistant General Manager of GEM, were also attending the event.

More than 100 people including representatives from previous alumni of the China-Indonesia joint master's program, representatives from the engineering master's team and representatives from Chinese and Indonesian employees joined in welcoming the MRPTNI guests.

MRPTNI guests and entourage visit PT.QMB Nickel Industry Museum

MRPTNI entourage visiting the QMB (Indonesia) Laterite Nickel Ore Hydrometallurgy and New Energy Materials Engineering Technology Research Center

Group photo of the "Nickel Island Night" cultural integration party

Professor Ganefri, Chairman of MRPTNI, delivers a welcome speech

Chairman Xu Kaihua delivers a speech with the theme 《dance with nickel and move towards a green future》Full in English

Group photo of MRPTNI entourage with GEM&QMB Nickel Resource New Energy Industry and Technology & Culture Exchange Meeting

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