GEM holds the 2024 Postdoctoral Final Report and the 2024 Postdoctoral Research Proposal
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On April 29, 2024, GEM held the 2024 Postdoctoral Final Report and the 2024 Postdoctoral Research Proposal, with a total of 10 postdoctoral fellows participating in the defense. Professor Chai Liyuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice President of Central South University, Professor Zhang Yimin, Director of the Academic Committee of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Professor Lai Yanqing, Director of the National Energy Metal Resources and New Materials Key Laboratory and Director of the Asset Management Office of Central South University. Professor Xu Kaihua, Director of the National Engineering Research Center of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling and Chairman of GEM, along with 6 other experts attended the meeting in person. Professor Guo Xueyi, Vice President of Central South University, and Professor Li Jizhen, Associate Dean of the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, and 3 other experts attended the meeting online.

During the Final Report, Dr. Yang Jian and Dr. Guo Qing, two postdoctoral fellows, presented their research results related to industrial practical needs. Dr. Yang Jian reported on the key technologies and applications for extracting valuable elements from waste LFP battery black mass, while Dr. Guo Qing presented research on key technologies for the high-value recycling of retired power batteries.The experts highly praised the research content presented by the two postdoctoral fellows. Chairman Academician Chai Liyuan, while acknowledging the research achievements of the two postdoctoral fellows, also expressed some expectations. He hoped that the postdoctoral fellows would continue their efforts to address common challenges in the industry and promote the overall development of the industry. Ultimately, both postdoctoral fellows successfully completed their final evaluations with the rating of "excellent".

During the Research Proposal, topics such as the global supply chain ESG value research, resource utilization of iron in the slag of laterite nickel ore hydrometallurgy process, and industrialization research on high-performance lithium-rich manganese-based battery precursor materials technology were discussed. Eight incoming postdoctoral fellows presented their research ideas, technical proposals, and phased research results around their respective research fields, combining current industry development trends and market demands. They showcased the technical advantages of GEM in the fields of circular economy and new energy materials. Experts conducted in-depth analyses of each postdoctoral fellow's topic and provided opinions and suggestions. Professor Zhang Yimin, the chairman of the Research Proposal, emphasized the need to focus on the main contradictions in the industry, pay attention to, summarize, and refine scientific problems, and enhance research innovation in both topic research and actual production.

As a postdoctoral cooperation mentor, Professor Xu Kaihua instructed students to focus on a key issue in the industry, delve deep into research, and strive to develop new technologies and equipment. He emphasized that GEM would continue to increase research investment and innovate platform construction, firmly collaborate with universities in industry-academia-research cooperation, and work with outstanding talents such as university professors and postdoctoral fellows. The goal is to continuously achieve technological outputs and industrialization, and create new heights for enterprise development!

GEM' s 2024 Postdoctoral Final Report and the 2024 Postdoctoral Research Proposal

Chairman of the Final Report, Academician Chai Liyuan, provided comments and feedback on the reports presented

Professor Xu Kaihua, the mentor at the postdoctoral workstation, provided feedback and comments on the reports

Photo of assessment panel experts and outbound postdoctoral fellows

Photo of assessment panel experts and inbound postdoctoral fellows

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