Building "Chains" and "Cycles" to Develop New Quality Productivity Battery Recycling Cooperates with Industry Chain to Build a Value Chain of the Entire Cycle of Battery Power Recycling, and Draw the blueprint for Digital Intelligent Recycling, Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage
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On March 8, 2024, Wuhan Power Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Battery Recycling"), a subsidiary of GEM, held a major promotional meeting for its digital intelligent recycling platform and industrial and commercial energy storage new products in Wuhan. At the meeting, Battery Recycling reached strategic cooperation with a number of partners to build the entire life cycle value chain of power batteries and open a new chapter in the fields of digital intelligent recycling and industrial and commercial energy storage. The meeting was supported by the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, and more than 150 industries in the upstream and downstream sectors and related organizations such as global battery factories, battery recycling companies, industrial and commercial energy storage users, investment institutions, banks and others attended this meeting, which the conference received wide attention from various industry media.

Developing New Quality Productivity

Building a Digital Intelligent Recycling Platform, Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Advantage

Before the conference, guests visited the GEM "Urban Mine" Museum, GEM Green Industry (Wuhan) Innovation Research Institute and energy storage power station, industrial and commercial energy storage cabinets and zero-carbon buses, gained a comprehensive understanding of new energy full life cycle value chain model of “power battery recovery - raw material remanufacturing - material remanufacturing - remanufacturing of power battery - reuse - cascade utilization”, experienced the advanced technological achievements of power regeneration in the field of intelligent flexible disassembly, rapid sorting and cascade utilization, and high-value utilized resources.

At the conference, Dr. Zhang Yuping, Deputy General Manager of GEM and Chairman of Battery Recycling, delivered a welcome speech and discussed the long-term layout of Battery Recycling in the entire power battery recycling industry chain and the ambitious goal of promoting the high-quality development of the battery recycling industry with technological innovation as the first driving force. Dr. Zhang Yuping, also conveyed the concept of environmentally friendly and low-carbon and the determination to carry out recycling to the end, and advocated industry partners to innovate, act, collaborate and confront the future together.

Dr. Huang Liangqu, Executive Vice President of Battery Recycling, introduced Battery Recycling's digital intelligence recycling platform and business cooperation model, which can fulfill user functions such as one-click order, health diagnosis, price assessment, metal market, and traceability query, and others. Especially the free and open battery scrap trading module, which can realize free bidding and automatic transactions are equipped and provide fast and accurate CNAS testing services. It can solve waste battery problems such as information mismatch, difficult pricing and delivery, and take the lead in improving the level of digital recycling and trading in the waste battery industry.

Dr. Bie Chuanyu, Deputy General Manager of Battery Recycling and Vice President of GEM Green Industry (Wuhan) Innovation Research Institute, and Zhang Zhenzhong, General Manager of Battery Recycling's Step-Use and Remanufacturing Division, introduced the characteristics of new generation energy storage products and business cooperation models, and shared research results on the carbon footprint of battery recycling and carbon inclusivity achievements.

Battery Recycling operated energy storage power plants in Wuhan and Wuxi in early 2018, and spent 6 years to ensure the safety and reliability of its cascade utilization technology and energy storage products. The company has 6 key technologies, including non-destructive testing and rapid sorting, online modeling, heterogeneous balancing, safety warning, cloud monitoring, etc., which are data-driven to safeguard consistency and safety protection. A new generation of industrial and commercial energy storage products and business cooperation mode, with the characteristic functions of "highly simple, highly flexible, highly safe and highly intelligent", energy storage power generation will surely become the standard equipment of industrial and commercial enterprise operating facilities and the companion of transformers. Industrial and commercial energy storage can not only meet the support of rooftop photovoltaic, reduce electricity costs by 10% to 15%, but also help enterprises reduce carbon emissions and promote the construction of zero-carbon factories.

In the new product release session, with 10 guests joining in the new energy, the "Carbon Neutral Tree" grew fast and green, marking the successful release of the new product of the digital intelligent recovery platform of industrial and commercial power regeneration and energy storage, which will write a colorful new chapter for the upstream and downstream customers of the new energy industry to deeply mine the "urban mine" and build a low-carbon green garden!

Building "Chains" and "Cycles"

Joining Global Partners to Build New Energy Lifecycle Value Chains

The new energy industry is the world's largest green industry, with an estimated recycling value of up to hundreds of billions. Along with the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, green recycling and green maintenance of obsolete new energy vehicles and obsolete power batteries and their waste have become a widespread concern in society.

In order to promote the development of the global green supply chain, meet the global carbon emission requirements for new energy, realize the green treatment of power batteries and their wastes, and promote the new energy industry from "green to green", at the new product launch  conference, Battery Recycling signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to Jointly Build the New Energy Total Life Cycle Value Chain" with partners such as Camel Group Resource Recycling Xiangyang Co., Ltd., Meihua New Materials (Hubei) Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongxin New Material Co., Ltd, Anhui Xunying New Energy Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Wuchuang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., achieved friendly cooperation with State Power Investment Corporation Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd., Ant Group Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Watts Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Yucheng High tech Zone Mulan Technology Development Investment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Fusion Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai MS Energy Co., Ltd. and other partners.

According to the content of the agreement, the contracted partners will deliver batteries and waste batteries to Battery Recycling every year for recycling and environmentally friendly processing, and then use them to produce battery raw materials. Battery Recycling and the partners will make full contributions to the benefits of all parties to achieve green recycling and utilize resources and re-production of wasted new energy vehicle, wasted power battery, to achieve lithium-nickel-cobalt directional recycling, and to work together to create a "new energy vehicle recycling - power battery recycling - lithium nickel-cobalt battery raw material recycling - Battery Material Recycling - Power Battery Recycling" full life cycle value chain.

This strategic cooperation will further promote the development of GEM's power battery recycling business, improve GEM's industrial standing and competitiveness in the field of power battery recycling, encourage the implementation of the extended producer responsibility system for new energy vehicles, and cooperate with global partners to establish a new energy carbon footprint system and ESG green value chain.

New Product Promotion Conference of Battery Recycling for Digital Inteligence Recycling Platform, Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage

Battery Recycling signed an agreement with State Power Investment Corporation Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd.

Battery Recycling signed an agreement with Camel Group Resource Recycling Xiangyang Co., Ltd.

Battery Recycling signed an agreement with Ant Group Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Battery Recycling panoramic view

Battery Recycling's demonstration project of wasted power battery cascade utilizationto industrial and commercial energy storage

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