Together with International Resource Giants, Build a Chain and Create a Sustainable Future. GEM and Anglo American Signed a MOU to Strengthen the Strategic Cooperation in Nickel Products and EV Battery Materials Processing R&D.
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To tackle the challenges posed by global green development regulations and seize the opportunities presented by green development worldwide, on January 24, 2024, GEM and Anglo American plc Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the well-known global resource enterprise Anglo American, signed a MOU to Strengthen the Strategic Cooperation in Nickel Products and EV Battery Materials Processing R&D at GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Institute. Mr. John Eastwood, the Global Marketing Director for Nickel and Stainless Steel Raw Materials of Anglo American, and Dr. Hu Ronghui, the Vice President for Basic Metals in China, together with Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM, attended the signing ceremony.

Anglo American is a world-leading mining company with operations in copper, nickel, platinum group metals, diamonds, high-quality iron ore, and coking coal for steel production. It has excellent geographical advantages in the European and American markets and is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies. The company's goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

According to the MOU, GEM and Anglo American will collaborate globally within the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) value framework. GEM and Anglo American will address a range of solutions related to responsible production and procurement of nickel and other battery products, environmental, social, and governance initiatives, technology, and business development, as well as promoting sustainable products and services for global markets, clients, and stakeholders, to jointly achieve the sustainability goals of both parties and sincerely optimize the ESG cooperation value. The two sides will establish three working groups: the Trade Cooperation Working Group, the ESG and Sustainable Development Working Group, and the Research and Development Working Group. These groups will be dedicated to strengthening the commercial partnership between the two sides, enhancing the value of ESG and sustainable development cooperation, and the EV battery material processing technology R&D, to promote the implementation of cooperation goals faster and better.

"Today, three years after it was first proposed, the partnership between GEM and Anglo American has become a reality, connecting the two companies in our values and culture!" At the signing ceremony, Chairman Xu Kaihua first thanked the Anglo American team for their attention to the partnership with GEM and sincerely expressed his relections on this cooperation.

First, to learn from Anglo American. With a hundred years of development, Anglo American has become one of the world's largest mining companies and is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies. The scale of its platinum group metals and precious metal recycling industry is the largest in the world, which is remarkable! In the future, GEM will benchmark the team spirit and cultural values of Anglo American, strive to become a Fortune Global 500 company, and expand and strengthen the scale of the resource recycling industry.

Second, to strengthen international cooperation. "Overcapacity", "involution" and "competition" are the current industry development themes, and the fierce competitive situation has spread from China to the world. Only by building chains and circles with world-class enterprises can we survive in the competition of the industry. In the past five years, GEM has been cooperating with world-class enterprises to build chains, jointly establishing a nickel resource joint venture factory in Indonesia with Tsingshan Holdings and others, cooperating with Indonesian mining giants, and cooperating with South Korean new energy leaders to ensure GEM's core position in the global new energy market. Now, GEM will cooperate with Anglo American, the European and American "chain leader", to build a stronger chain to deal with current and future world competition.

Third, to strive to become Anglo American's most trusted and reliable partner in China. No matter how the world is overturned and changed, GEM will actively respond to global green development regulations, jointly respond to the development changes of the world market with Anglo American, seek new opportunities, and become a shining example of cooperation between Chinese and European and American enterprises.

Finally, Chairman Xu Kaihua welcomed Anglo American's friends to frequently visit and exchange with GEM and hoped that the cooperation between the two sides would become increasingly profound, mutually achieving success and achieving win-win results, and usher in a brighter prospect of cooperation!

Director John Eastwood expressed his gratitude for GEM's long-standing support. He stated that compared to Anglo American, a "century-old store", GEM is a young company. However, its growth potential, core competitiveness, technological level, industrialization capability, professionalism, and team spirit are worth learning from. Director John Eastwood pointed out that Anglo American has spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning of its existence as a "century-old store": how to improve the environment on the basis of traditional mining companies. Meanwhile, GEM is processing waste resources from the perspective of a circular economy by mining "urban mines". The two sides have commonality in their existence, both aiming to improve human life, enhance the environment, and conserve resources. Based on shared values, there are many opportunities for cooperation between the two sides, especially in technology and research and development. "The road ahead is long, and this is just the beginning." Finally, Director John Eastwood expressed his belief that the friendly cooperation between Anglo American and GEM will last for a long time!

At the ceremony, Director John Eastwood and Chairman Xu Kaihua signed the MOU as representatives of their respective companies.

The cooperation between GEM and Anglo American further consolidates the strategic partnership between the two sides, leading to a deep collaboration where strengths complement each other. Expanding business cooperation is an effective measure that GEM is taking to address the competition in the international and domestic industry. This cooperation will effectively expand the development space of GEM's nickel products in global markets such as Europe and America and firmly grasp the dominance in the new energy industry in the shift from domestic to international competition. Through joint research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the value chain cooperation field, GEM will further strengthen the core competitiveness of the company's new energy full-life cycle industry chain and ensure its core competitiveness and market competitive advantage in the global new energy materials field. At the same time, this is also a high-level cooperation for the two sides to help achieve global carbon neutrality goals and sustainable development goals of the United Nations, which will continue to expand the promotion of the company's ESG brand value globally and promote the company's sustainable and high-quality development.

Zhang Jianfeng, the Asia Pacific sales manager for nickel products of Anglo American, Paul Illsley, the battery material market manager, Gennady Agrest, the base metal trader, Zheng Ye, the battery material sales manager, Zhang Chunyan, the stainless steel material sales manager, Zhou Jing, the base metal analyst, Zhou Bo, director and executive deputy general manager of GEM, Jiang Miao, deputy general manager of GEM, and Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of GEM attended the signing ceremony.

GEM and Anglo American signed a MOU to strengthen cooperation in nickel products and EV battery material processing R&D

GEM and Anglo American held a discussion to exchange ideas

Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM, delivered a speech

Mr. John Eastwood, Global Marketing Director for Nickel and Stainless Steel Materials of Anglo American, delivered a speech

Prior to the signing ceremony, Mr. John Eastwood, Global Marketing Director (Nickel and Stainless Steel Materials) of Anglo American, and his team visited GEM "Urban Mines" Museum

Prior to the signing ceremony, Mr. John Eastwood, Global Marketing Director for Nickel and Stainless Steel Materials of Anglo American, and his team visited GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Institute

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