QMB Phase II & GEM (Indonesia) Nickel Resources Project Autoclave Delivered Successfully
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On the morning of December 30, 2023, the delivery ceremony of 2 sets of 1,168 m³ capacity autoclaves, the core equipment of QMB Phase II & GEM (Indonesia) Laterite Nickel Ore Hydrometallurgical High Pressure Leaching Project (hereinafter referred to as "Indonesia Nickel Resources Project") was held at Nantong port. Yu Yaojiang, Deputy General Manager of QMB, attended the delivery ceremony. The commissioning and delivery of this autoclave machine is another outstanding achievement of the Company to continuously upgrade the second phase of the Indonesia Nickel Resources Project after successfully achieving the production capacity, production stabilization, and over-production of the first phase of the Indonesia Nickel Resources Project (30,000 tons of nickel metal/year) by 2023, which is also another important milestone in the project construction process at QMB!

Since the start of the Phase II of the Indonesia Nickel Resources Project with an additional capacity of 43,000 tons of nickel metal/year in October 2022, the project has successfully completed the entire basic engineering construction and achieved the conditions for equipment installation. The delivery of two 1,168 m³ autoclaves at the close of 2023 as scheduled, marks that the Company's Phase II Indonesia Nickel Resources Project has officially entered a new stage in terms of major equipment installation and rapid construction, and provides a strong guarantee for the commissioning of one module with a capacity of 21,500 tons of nickel metal per year to be carried out in April 2024 and June 2024 respectively.

The autoclaves delivered at this time is the main equipment of the project, which is designed with the latest generation technology and manufactured by a well-known pressure reservoir manufacturer in the industry, with a capacity of one reactor reaching 21,500 tons of nickel metal/year, thus becoming one of the largest volume and highest capacity equipment in the field of high-pressure leaching of nickel laterite ore in the world. The commissioning of two autoclave machines will lay a solid foundation for the company to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and improve product quality, as well as greatly promote the company's technological techniques and production efficiency in the field of high-pressure leaching of Laterite Nickel Ore Hydrometallurgy to a world-class level!

In 2024, GEM will take advantage of the global new energy development, move with the trend, ride the wave forward, and join hands with IMIP (Morowali Industrial Park, Indonesia), Brunp (subsidiary company of CATL), EcoPro, Hanwa of Japan, Merdeka (owner of local laterite nickel mines in Indonesia), Weiming Environmental Protection and other well-known global industrial chain companies to complete the construction of the second and third phases of the high-pressure leaching project of Laterite Nickel Ore Hydrometallurgy of Indonesia's sustainable nickel resources. The smooth construction of Phase II and Phase III of the project will strengthen the company's position in the global nickel resources, ensure the global competitiveness of the company's precursors and win the global industry competition battle! Meanwhile, this project, as one of the core projects for China's enterprises to develop overseas nickel and key mineral resources, is expected to have positive significance in meeting the strategic needs of China's new energy industry related to nickel and key mineral resources.

QMB Phase II & GEM (Indonesia) Nickel Resource Project Autoclave waiting for delivery

Signing of delivery for QMB Phase II & GEM (Indonesia) Nickel Resource Project Autoclave

Ribbon cutting ceremony for delivery of QMB Phase II & GEM (Indonesia) Nickel Resource Project Autoclave

Accomplishment of delivery ceremony for QMB Phase II & GEM (Indonesia) Nickel Resource Project Autoclave

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