Congratulations on the Success of GEM Business Briefing 2022
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On May 12, 2023, GEM Business Briefing 2022 came as scheduled at GEM Wuhan Park, with the participation of investors from all walks of life, as well as media outlets like Securities Times, China Securities Journal and Hubei Daily. The event was livestreamed by and attracted over 100,000 viewers. Prof. Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM, together with other executives of GEM, communicated with the online and offline investors to build consensus on and confidence in future development.

At the briefing, Chairman Xu Kaihua saluted global investors and all walks of life, expressing his heartfelt thanks for their strong support to GEM's green recycling operations! In three key words: "performance, globalization and channel", he described GEM's brilliant results in going global, opening up new channels and achieving record performance in 2022. In 2022, GEM enormously unleashed its production capacity, achieving all-time performance amid the market slump, with revenues of 29.392 billion yuan, up 52.28% year on year, and a net profit of 1.296 billion yuan, up 40.4% year on year; GEM was successfully listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, showing its green business was recognized by the global capital market, and boosting the business with global capital; Phase 1 of GEM's nickel resources project in Indonesia was put into operation as a highlight of China-Indonesia cooperation; GEM opened up new channels, stood out from the domestic market, and made its way into Europe and America. He summarized the five highlights of GEM in 2022: GEM stepped up power battery recycling to build a new growth pole; expanded nickel and cobalt recycling, and consolidated the foundation of the nickel and cobalt materials system; carried out global cooperation, and mapped out a blueprint for the coming five years; developed innovative technologies to become an industrial leader in this respect; pursued green development, shone in the world by outstanding ESG performance, and showed its splendor in various fields throughout the year.

Looking to 2023, Chairman Xu Kaihua described the current competitive situation and future trend of the industry in key words such as "green barrier, bloody competition and firm recovery", calling for efforts to seize opportunities in global competition, enhance competitiveness in industrial competition, and promote world economic recovery through green development. In 2023, under the strategy of "new energy materials manufacturing + urban mining", with a focus on the "three key words", GEM will take the initiative to meet global competition and industrial competition, to enhance its global competitiveness. In the field of new energy materials manufacturing, GEM will implement the "3+2" strategy, and comprehensively shore up its three core products: nickel resources, ternary precursors and cobaltosic oxide, to defend their global competitiveness, and will accelerate the development of two new material products: "ultra-high nickel ternary cathode material and sodium-ion cathode material", to fast enter the first rank. Meanwhile, GEM will implement 6 major projects such as "gross margin improvement, nickel resource expansion, super technology innovation and power battery recycling with an industrial scale of 10 billion yuan", to improve its profitability and global competitiveness. Looking into the future, Chairman Xu Kaihua confidently hammered out a plan to increase the business scale from 30 billion yuan to 30 billion U.S. dollars and rank among Fortune Global 500, and to develop into a world leading green conglomerate that pursues industrial globalization, high-end products, high business growth and high-quality development.

Then, Dr. Zhang Kun, Vice President of GEM and President of GEM Central Research Institute, made a presentation entitled Innovate to Lead. He introduced GEM's new innovation plan, four major innovations, six innovation goals and future super technologies, proposing to lead the industry in all its core business and develop steadily into an industrial leader. Dr. Zhang Yuping, Vice President of GEM and Chairman of Wuhan Power Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., made a presentation entitled Upgrading Power Recycling, Leading the Tide. He introduced the six important achievements of GEM's power battery lifecycle value chain business, elaborating on its future global strategy for power battery recycling, as well as its efforts to accelerate the power battery recycling project with an industrial scale of 10 billion yuan to defend its status as a world leader.

Following the presentations, the management of GEM exchanged ideas with the investors on the pattern of industrial competition, the prospect of the industry chain, the global layout, cost reduction and efficiency increase, capacity construction and innovation development, taking questions from them. Chairman Xu Kaihua answered every question frankly. By introducing GEM's miraculous history of recovering nickel and cobalt from small batteries in its early days, and forging into a new energy area with an scale of 1 trillion yuan through recovering nickel and cobalt from large batteries, Chairman Xu Kaihua further expounded GEM's recycling business and its global advantage in innovation, proving that GEM's business model of "new energy materials manufacturing + urban mining" is fully compatible with China's national development strategy and the global trend of green development. GEM will stay true to its original aspiration for recycling, keep in mind its mission to pursue green development, uphold the pragmatic spirit of "Recycling for refinement and long prosperity", carry through green recycling, and leap from green manufacturing to making green, so as to create a bright prospect.

Following the briefing, the investors spoke highly of GEM's dual business model of "new energy materials manufacturing + urban mining", as well as its green concept of "Limited Resources, Unlimited Recycling". They were more positive about the broad prospect of GEM's green recycling business, which firmed up their confidence and determination to invest in GEM.

GEM Business Briefing 2022

Prof. Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM, makes a keynote presentation

Dr. Zhang Kun, Vice President of GEM and president of GEM Central Research Institute, makes a keynote presentation

Dr. Zhang Yuping, Vice President of GEM and Chairman of Wuhan Power Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., makes a keynote presentation

The management of GEM communicate with the investors

The attendees visit GEM Wuhan Park

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