Congratulations to the Grand Opening of GEM Defence Report and Dissertation Proposal Report of Postdoctoral 2023
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On March 19, 2023, Defence Report and Dissertation Proposal Report of Postdoctoral 2023 were held in GEM (hereinafter referred to as the "report meeting") . At the report meeting, a total of 12 postdoctoral fellows completed their proposal defence, setting a record in the company's history. In recent years, GEM has launched a talent revolution of "investing in talents, empowering talents", creating a high-end postdoctoral talent club. Nearly 90% of postdoctoral fellows choose to stay at GEM for their future development, constantly adding new vitality to the company's high-quality development!

At the report meeting, an expert review panel of 13 experts was formed, including Professor Sun Xueliang, foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and Royal Society of Canada, and lifelong chief scientist of GEM’s new energy materials ultra-technology, Professor Guo Xueyi, Vice President of Central South University, Professor Li Junhui from Tsinghua University, Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM and Supervisor of Postdoctoral Research Station. With Professor Sun Xueliang being the chairman of the postdoctoral report committee, through on-site and video conferences, the scientific research reports of two outbound postdoctoral fellows, Song Huawei and Yang Xing, and the dissertation proposals of twelve postdoctoral fellows, including Wang Yaning, Wang Jun, and Ma Yongsong, were reviewed.

Research on key technologies of intelligent dismantling of decommissioned power lithium batteries for new energy vehicles...At the report meeting, focusing on their respective research fields, combined with the current development trend of industrial technology and market demand, the outbound and inbound postdoctoral fellows presented their research results in the selected subject areas, fully demonstrating GEM's technical advantages in the field of circular economy and new energy materials.

As the supervisor of the Postdoctoral Research Station, Professor Xu Kaihua expressed his appreciation to the postdoctoral fellows for focusing on the bottleneck of industrial development, actively exploring forward-looking technologies, and using creative ideas and methods to break the barriers for industrial development. At the same time, he encouraged them to continue to scale new heights in scientific research and write a new chapter in China's circular economy and new energy industry with more achievements.

In addition, Professor Xu Kaihua also introduced the construction and development of QMB (Indonesia) Lateritic Nickel Mine Hydrometallurgy and New Energy Materials Engineering Technology Research Center and GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Research Institute to the experts on the review panel, who were invited to join hands with GEM to carry out more extensive research cooperation, continuously expand the breadth and depth of school-enterprise collaborative education, and provide more development opportunities for postdoctoral talents.

At the report meeting, the review panel put forward suggestions and amendments for the defense report and dissertation proposals of the postdoctoral fellows, and unanimously agreed that Song Huawei and Yang Xing, two post-doctoral fellows, have completed their postdoctoral researches with excellent grades, and unanimously approved the dissertation proposals of the twelve postdoctoral fellows.

"Focusing on the front line of production, GEM provides us with a very good research and development platform, enabling us to better face the pain points and difficulties in the new energy industry, and carry out targeted technical research." As one of the postdoctoral fellows making the dissertation proposal, Dr. Wang Jun, who graduated from Peking University in 2022 and is now working at GEM (Shenzhen) Super Green Technology Research Institute, expressed her feelings. This time, she personally participated and witnessed the historical moment where 12 postdoctoral fellows made dissertation proposals collectively.

In recent years, GEM has continued to increase investment in scientific research and the building of innovation platforms. Relying on the two innovation platforms of the National Engineering Research Center of WEEE Recycling and the National Enterprise Technology Center, it has invested nearly 4 billion yuan in total. GEM actively carries out research on cutting-edge technologies and common technical difficulties around the recycling of waste resources and remanufacturing of new energy materials, and undertakes more than 100 major research projects such as the National Sci-Tech Support Plan, the National High-Tech Research and Development Plan (863), and the National Key Research and Development Plan, building a broad stage for postdoctoral fellows to deploy their talents.

"Whether it is equipment or funding, GEM has always given us a 'green light' for our research work." As the dean of the GEM Green Industry (Wuhan) Innovation Research Institute and the deputy general manager of Wuhan Power Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., Song Huawei, a postdoctoral fellow who has completed his postdoctoral research this time, said that in order to carry out "research on key technologies for intelligent dismantling of decommissioned power lithium batteries for new energy vehicles ", GEM invested more than 20 million yuan to build a research site of about 3,500 square meters in Wuhan, providing solid support for the team to carry out cascade utilization and reuse of decommissioned power batteries, and "move" technology from the office to the workshop, which has also become a vivid epitome of GEM's support for the building of a postdoctoral talent team and the efforts in investing in and empowering talents with sincerity and real money.

Following the strategy of "investing in talents, empowering talents", GEM has successively issued a number of talent incentive policies such as "Technology Innovation Incentive System of GEM", "Talent Incentive Policy for Front-line Engineering and Technology", "Settlement Subsidy System for Senior Talent of GEM" and so on. GEM implements the "Double Leading Talents" plan, rewards leading talents and innovative figures with luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW every year, and gives each of them a yearly discretionary fund of 2 million yuan, allowing high-end talents to choose their own projects and organize their own teams, completely breaking the shackles that restrict talents from fulfilling their potential. At the same time, GEM proposes the three "a thousand" talents cultivation plan (a thousand high-level talents, a thousand young backbone talents, and a thousand industrial craftsmen) to increase the intensity of talent cultivation at all levels and provides housing subsidies for doctoral, postdoctoral and other senior core talents, and talent allowances for excellent talents and young backbone talents, so as to ensure that all kinds of talents enjoy preferential treatment and full respect in GEM, and stimulate their innovation potential to the greatest extent.

GEM invests heavily in talents and builds a three-layer guarantee with platforms, funds and systems, and therefore has achieved fruitful results in talent cultivation.

Taking postdoctoral fellowship cultivation as an example, since the postdoctoral scientific research center was established in 2013, GEM has nurtured 8 sessions of postdoctoral fellows so far, most of whom are from world-class universities and "double first-class" domestic universities. Nearly 90% of the outgoing postdoctoral fellows chose to stay at GEM for innovation and entrepreneurship, and became scientific research or management leaders in various fields of the company, including a senior executive and 6 "leading talents" of the company.

"To invest in talents is to invest in the future; to empower talents is to empower GEM." Chairman Xu Kaihua emphasized that GEM should give top priority to investment in talent. It is necessary to realize the transformation from emphasizing production capacity investment to first investing in talents and then investing in production capacity, from emphasizing production expansion to first expanding talents and then expanding production, and from emphasizing equipment and plant investment to first investing in talents and then investing in equipment and plants. These three "transformations" will promote GEM to always be at the forefront of the development of the world's green and low-carbon industries, and continue to create a new pattern of its high-quality development.

Picture 1 GEM Postdoctoral Defence Report and Dissertation Proposal of 2023

Picture 2 Speech by Professor Sun Xueliang, Chairman of the Postdoctoral Report Committee

Picture 3 Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM and Tutor of the Postdoctoral Research Center, Commenting on the Report

Picture 4 Group Photo of the 13 Experts on the Review Panel and the 14 Inbound and Outbound Postdoctoral Fellows

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