GEM Shines in Hubei with New National Honors
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On February 21, 2023, the "Commendation Conference for National Advanced Private Enterprises in Employment and Social Security & Caring Employees for Win-Win", organized by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, was held in Beijing. At the conference, Jingmen GEM New Materials Co., Ltd. (Jingmen GEM) was awarded the title of "National Advanced Private Enterprise in Employment and Social Security", and selected as one of Excellent Cases of Private Corporate Social Responsibility of China (2022), becoming the only private enterprise in Hubei to make the list.

Over the years, GEM has implemented and served national development strategies, actively assumed responsibility for social security, taken employees' interests as its key concern in business development, constantly enhanced employee care, safeguarded their core rights and interests, improved their well-being, and endeavored to enhance their happiness and sense of gain, thus building sound, stable and harmonious labor relations. The title of "National Advanced Private Enterprise in Employment and Social Security" fully recognizes GEM's contributions to employment and social security.

Inspired by the concept of "invest in talents, facilitate talents development and create a low-carbon future together", GEM has taken multiple measures to promote employment and attract talents from all over the world. By means such as talent introduction, internal promotion and professional training, GEM has developed a multi-ethnic, multi-nationality high-level talent system with rational distribution of age and education levels, to effectively improve the overall level of managerial and technical talents; GEM has released the plan to cultivate 1,000 high-level talents, 1,000 outstanding young employees and 1,000 industrial craftsmen, implemented a three-level talent system of "leading talent - outstanding talent - skilled talent", so as to create channels for the self-challenge and promotion of employees, and ensure the sustainable development of talents. Since 2017, GEM has innovatively awarded 10 million yuan to leading talents every year, focused on cultivating leading talents, given play to the role of leading talents, and led the technical development of the industry; besides, under the "Belt and Road" initiative, GEM has implemented the ESG concept, run international educational programs, launched the international master program of metallurgical engineering in collaboration with Central South University and the Indonesian government, and built an advanced metallurgical engineering laboratory on the red soil of Indonesia to train metallurgical and mining engineering talents for Indonesia.

With people as orientation, GEM has thoroughly implemented the spirit of "loving the country, loving green, loving the enterprise and loving employees"; has constantly improved rules and regulations, and established labor unions to safeguard employees' rights and interests; has established employee recreation centers, and organized various recreational and sports activities, to enriches the leisure life of employees and unite employees; has always cared for employees, provided a strong backing for employees and built a bridge of heart linking the company and employees by supporting needy employees, implementing the Golden Autumn Program to aid children of needy employees and visiting relatives of employees abroad.

At the conference, ACFIC announced the list of 21 private enterprises selected as Excellent Cases of Private Corporate Social Responsibility of China (2022), and Jingmen GEM was the only private enterprise in Hubei to make the list.

As a Chinese leading enterprise in the circular economy, with General Secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment in mind, GEM has kept exploring new paths for green and sustainable development, forged forward with green concepts and innovations, and taken the lead in the industry to map out the green strategy of "new energy materials manufacturing + urban mining". Meanwhile, GEM has applied the new development philosophy, integrated itself into the new development pattern, implemented the national policy for sustainable development in the strategic planning of corporate development, hammered out its "fourteenth five-year plan" and set the targets of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", constantly enhanced its ESG development strategy, gradually developed a sound social responsibility management system, and stood out in boosting economic development, creating jobs, promoting innovative and green development, rejuvenating rural areas, fighting floods and providing relief, supporting impoverished students, and fighting the epidemic. While creating commercial value, GEM has promoted the common development of the environment and the society.

In the future, GEM will continue to leverage the role of investment in creating jobs and the role of innovation in supporting high-quality employment, actively assume responsibility for social security, strive to create new jobs, give higher priority to building harmonious labor relations, and integrate promoting corporate development with enhancing the well-being of employees. With the banner of green operation and global ESG, GEM will assume responsibility for green development, lead low-carbon development, serve as a core player in the new energy industry, and spare no efforts to promote the high-quality development of China's economy, and the harmony and progress of the society.

Fig.1 Jingmen GEM is awarded the title of "National Advanced Private Enterprise in Employment and Social Security"

Fig.2 Jingmen GEM is selected as one of Excellent Cases of Private Corporate Social Responsibility of China (2022)

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