Joining Hands with CSU to Serve Indonesia under B&R Initiative, GEM Continues to Train International High-level Metallurgical Talents for Indonesia--2nd "CSU-CMMAI-GEM International Metallurgical Engineering Master Program" Starts at CSU
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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of China's Belt and Road (B&R) initiative, and the past decade has seen a boom in green development under the initiative. On February 25, 2023, the 2nd "CSU-CMMAI-GEM International Metallurgical Engineering Master Program" started at the renowned Chinese university - Central South University (CSU). Prof. Xu Kaihua, Founder and Board Chairman of GEM, visited his alma mater and attended a meeting on the master program, witnessing the enrollment of 31 new Indonesian students for 2022. The program will become another model for B&R cooperation after Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail.

Academician Li Jiancheng, President of CSU; Prof. Guo Xueyi, Vice President of CSU; Academician Chai Liyuan, Vice President of CSU; and other leaders of CSU warmly received the delegation led by Chairman Xu Kaihua.

Indonesia's Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs and GEM visited CSU in 2019. During the visit, the three sides reached an initial agreement on running an international master program of metallurgical engineering under a "2+1" model (two years at CSU and one year at GEM). The graduates who are interested will gain preferential access to GEM's Indonesian base - PT.QMB New Energy Materials.

On October 14, 2019, the 1st "CSU-CMMAI-GEM International Metallurgical Engineering Master Program" started at CSU with 21 Indonesian students enrolled. Three years later, these students graduated with brilliant results, were employed by GEM, the Indonesian government and Indonesia's local outstanding enterprises, and became backbone in respective industries. In October 2022, the 2nd master program started as scheduled.

CSU prepared new dormitories for these Indonesian students, assigned a mentor to each student, and arranged weekly curriculum and experiments, according to Prof. Chen Ailiang, Vice Dean of the School of Metallurgy and Environment, CSU.

"100 years ago, my great grandfather traveled across the sea to Indonesia for a living, and as a third-generation Chinese in Indonesia, I regard China as my hometown," said Wu Xiangyi, the only Indonesian Chinese in the class, at the meeting. "Today, I'm proud to see China so prosperous and strong here in China 100 years later."

Recalling the day she entered CSU, Viola was overwhelmed with excitement. "From an airport bus, a cozy dormitory, to a gift pack containing winter clothes, GEM and CSU provided us with all what we needed."

"CSU and GEM are well known for training outstanding scholars and researchers," said the class leader Beny, who was proud to be part of the 2nd master program.

"We've waited for this day for so long", said Sahir, who will treasure this rare opportunity to study hard, and contribute to development of Indonesia and its metallurgical industry, as well as the longstanding friendship between China and Indonesia.

At the meeting, Academician Li Jiancheng, President of CSU, said the program had created a new model of international cooperation in high-end talent training - "foreign government-Chinese university -overseas enterprise" cooperation. He hoped the program would become a highlight in China-Indonesia cooperation equal to Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail.

CSU, known as "Whampoa Military Academy" in China's lithium battery industry, is unique among Chinese universities in terms of metallurgy. GEM is a Chinese leading enterprise engaged in integrated waste treatment and a world leading new energy supplier, and advanced metallurgical technologies are indispensable for waste recycling; Indonesia has the world's largest nickel resource reserves, nickel is an indispensable element for ternary power battery materials, and Indonesia is considered as the Southeast Asian country that benefits most from the development of new energy vehicles.

In Indonesia, GEM QMB Park has created more than 2,000 jobs for locals. Phase 2 of the 43000t/a metallic nickel project of QMB has fully started, which will lay a more solid foundation for global new energy cooperation.

That day, Chairman Xu Kaihua also visited the School of Metallurgy and Environment, CSU. This was the first time for him to return to his alma mater in recent 40 years, and he expressed his excitement and expectation in three words: "pride", "gratitude" and "contribution".

Chairman Xu Kaihua said the cooperation among CSU, the Indonesian government and GEM had not only established friendly relationship between China and Indonesia, but also built a future-oriented international platform. GEM will continue to work with the Indonesia government and CSU to develop the joint program from "1" to "N", to better contribute to the cultural exchanges, metallurgical technology and new energy development of Indonesia.

At the subsequent symposium, GEM and CSU reached a consensus that relevant sides would further deepen cooperation to jointly promote the cooperation between China and Indonesia in various fields.

Fig.1 A group photo of the representatives of GEM and CSU with the 31 new Indonesia students of the master program

Fig.2 A meeting with the students of the "CSU-CMMAI-GEM International Metallurgical Engineering Master Program"

Fig.3 Li Jiancheng, President of CSU, delivers an address

Fig.4 Prof. Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM, delivers an address

Fig.5 The representatives of the new Indonesian students deliver speeches

Fig.6 Chairman Xu Kaihua visits the School of Metallurgy and Environment, CSU

Fig.7 A symposium between Chairman Xu Kaihua during his visit to CSU

Fig.8 Chairman Xu Kaihua forwards the letter of Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment Affairs, to President Li Jiancheng

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