Pull together in the times of difficulties, Cianjur fighting, Indonesian Chinese enterprise QMB rushed to help the earthquake-stricken area
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On the afternoon of November 21, 2022 local time in Indonesia, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 occurred in the Cianjur area of West Java Province, Indonesia. So far, 271 people have died and more than 2,000 people have been injured.

After the earthquake-strike occurred in the Cianjur area of West Java, the situation in the disaster area has stricken a sympathetic chord among the employees of the Chinese-funded enterprise QMB New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. located in the big K Island, Morowali County, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The chairman of the company Professor Xu Kaihua, worried about the people in the disaster area day and night, paid attention to the news of the disaster area all the time, and was very concerned about the lives of the people in the disaster area. Chairman Xu Kaihua called on QMB colleagues to do their best to provide support to the people in the disaster area, help them out, overcome difficulties with the people in the disaster area, and pull together in this difficult time.

Based on the goal of international humanitarianism and working together with the Indonesian people to grow together, QMB decided to donate 5,000 blankets, 1,000 mattresses, 770 boxes of mineral water,1,400 cases of instant noodles, 250 cases of milk and other urgent relief materials with a total value of about USD $150,000 to the Cianjur earthquake-striken area in Indonesia. This is the first batch of materials donated by QMB. Later, they will continue to provide necessary support as needed until winning the fight against the disaster. These activities helped the people in Cianjur disaster area to overcome the disaster, and played a positive role in revitalizing their home! In order to deliver the materials to the victims in time, QMB immediately organized procurement after the earthquake. More than 10 Chinese and Indonesian employees stayed up all night. After driving for more than 10 hours overnight, all the materials were delivered to the disaster area on November 24. The government of Cianjur in West Java, Indonesia, is extremely grateful to the Chinese enterprise QMB for their kindness and selfless dedication to the people in the Cianjur disaster area in West Java, Indonesia, and believes that this highly reflects the lasting friendship between Indonesia and the Chinese people!

QMB is a Chinese funded enterprise invested and constructed in the Morovali Qingshan Park. With the investment concept of "Integrated development of industry, technology and culture", the leading Chinese green development enterprise GEM, Qingshan, Brunp (member enterprise of CATL), Ecopro of South Korea, and Hanwa of Japan, etc., have built a high-tech industrial park of "technology, intelligence and green", a highlight project of China Indonesia cooperation, to create an industrial model of directly manufacturing core materials of new energy batteries with laterite nickel ores, Boost Indonesia into the new energy era. QMB has now built the first world advanced metallurgical and new energy materials engineering technology innovation center in Indonesia, equipped with world-class scientific equipment, cracked key technologies in the industry, and promoted the innovative technology of Indonesian metallurgical engineering and new energy materials to reach the world's advanced level; The China-Indonesia joint training master's class of metallurgical engineering was launched to write a new chapter of China Indonesia cultural exchange; The first world-class nickel resource industry museum in Indonesia has been built to show the century long change of nickel from ancient nickel coins to driving new energy vehicles, presenting the rolling trend of Chinese enterprises promoting the electrification of new energy in Indonesia with green technology! During the G20 Summit in Indonesia in November 2022, the leaders of China and Indonesia met in Bali, opening up a bright future for bilateral cooperation and promoting friendship and mutual-aid between the two peoples. At the same time, President Jokovi took precious time out of his busy schedule to meet with Chinese entrepreneurs such as Professor Xu Kaihua, the chairman of the company, to boost the investment and development of Chinese entrepreneurs in Indonesia, and to make Chinese entrepreneurs confident in investing in Indonesia.

Keep it up, Cianjur! QMB said that it will always work with the Indonesian people to overcome difficulties and grow together.

Fig. 1 The group photo of the relief mission of QMB rushing to help Indonesia Cianjur area set out overnight

Fig. 2 Representatives of Indonesian local government received disaster relief materials from QMB and took a group photo with the delegation

Fig. 3 The local government of Indonesia signed and received disaster relief materials from QMB

Fig. 4 Group photo of Indonesian local government representatives and QMB relief mission

Fig. 5 Representatives of Indonesian local government receiving disaster relief materials from QMB

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