Investing in Talents, Cultivating Talents, Jointly Creating a Low-carbon Future: GEM Elite Training 2022 Opens
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On the morning of July 8, 2022, the Opening Ceremony of GEM Elite Training 2022 was held in GEM Jingmen Park. Present were Dr. Zhang Kun, Vice President of GEM and Director of the Research Institute of Nickel, Cobalt and Tungsten Waste Recycling and New Materials at GEM; Pan Hua, Vice President of GEM; Wang Qiang, Vice President of GEM; Hu Yi, "GEM Innovator" and Deputy Director of the Raw Materials Manufacturing Center of GEM Jingmen Park; Xu Ying, Assistant to President of GEM; heads of the Human Resources Department and Training Institute of GEM; heads of the manufacturing centers and departments of GEM Jingmen Park; as well as GEM's new graduate recruits in 2022.

Prior to the opening ceremony, the trainees visited GEM's "City Mines" Museum and workshops, to find out GEM's path of green development and experience its green devotion, low carbon philosophy and recycling culture.

At the ceremony, entrusted by Prof. Xu Kaihua, Chairman of GEM, Dr. Zhang Kun, "GEM Leading Talent", Vice President of GEM and Director of the Research Institute of Nickel, Cobalt and Tungsten Waste Recycling and New Materials at GEM, first extended warm welcome to the graduate trainees coming as expected in his opening address. While expecting that these passionate, energetic and confident elitists would work with GEM to create more possibilities, he showed concern for their role switch from universities to enterprises and their adaptation to work environments and paces. Zhang shared his valuable experience in addressing these problems.

First, we should differentiate enterprises from universities. Enterprises put efficiency first due to the heavy tasks and tight schedules of R&D and the cruelty of market competition; and enterprises value teamwork that calls for cross-department and multi-team cooperation.

Second, we should take an overall view and start from trifles. As working and learning in GEM is a great process of acquiring life experience, we should treat our jobs seriously and believe "gold will shine everywhere".

Third, we should enhance the value of our life. Our life value was enhanced first in the national college entrance exam and then in enterprises. We should seriously treat our jobs, set clear career goals and improve our work capacity to meet corporate demand.

Then Pan made a keynote presentation entitled Analysis and Global Market Layout of GEM's New Energy Materials Business, introducing the industry chain, history, industrial layout, future plan and objectives of GEM's new energy materials business. He considered it as a significant investment roadshow for the elitists devoted themselves to GEM rather than a theme lecture.

Then the trainees will embark on a two-month green journey. They will temper and improve themselves in the training focusing on GEM's important systems, core culture and management culture; will show and accomplish themselves in sports competitions, debates, writing contests, quiz shows and short video contests.

The bugle has been sounded for a march towards the goals of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and nearly 300 elitists are in place. With the infusion of new blood and the convergence of surging torrents, GEM will become stronger than ever this summer. The elitists will race against time, live up to their glorious youth, foster great affection for the green development of GEM and forge ahead in high spirits; will stir up surging waves for the innovative development of GEM with the motility and creativity of youth, vie to be disseminators of GEM's recycling culture and practitioners in the green industry, embark on a new journey with GEM, open a new page with passion and jointly create a low-carbon future.

Fig.1 The elite trainees visit GEM's "City Mines" Museum

Fig.2 The elite trainees visit GEM's workshops

Fig.3 Opening Ceremony of GEM Elite Training 2022

Fig.4 Zhang Kun, Vice President of GEM, delivers an opening address

Fig.5 Pan Hua, Vice President of GEM, makes a keynote presentation

Fig.6 A group photo of all the elite trainees

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