Warmly Welcome Deng Weiming, Chairman of CNGR to Visit GEM Indonesia Nickel Resources Project (QMB)
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On the morning of June 23, 2022, Deng Weiming, chairman of CNGR Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. and his delegation visited GEM Nickel Resources Project (QMB) for investigation and research. Wu Xiaoge, executive vice president and Tao Wu, senior vice president of CNGR, accompanied the investigation. Lu Xijin, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of GEM, and Jiao Hua, Deputy General Manager of GEM and General Manager of PT.QMB New Energy Materials, warmly received Chairman Deng Weiming and his delegation.

Chairman Deng Weiming and his delegation visited the area of mineral processing, high pressure acid leaching, iron and aluminum removal, cobalt and nickel precipitation of QMB, and understood the project layout through aerial video. At the forum, Jiao Hua, General Manager of QMB, introduced to the guests the original intention, construction process, innovation system and talent training of QMB and thanked cares and supports from CNGR.

After listening to the introduction of the relevant situation, The president Deng Weiming said that CNGR highly agree with GEM's industrial conception, praise GEM's innovation ability, appreciate GEM's international training model for Indonesian metallurgical talents, and praise for its determination and speed in overcoming the epidemic to build QMB project. At the same time, he hoped that QMB and CNGR will deeply explore cooperation opportunities and strengthen industrial cooperation, so that side-blown pyrometallurgy and acid leaching hydrometallurgy can keep pace with each other, to achieve technological leapfrog development for Indonesia's new energy industry.

Jin Guoquan, Gong Daonian and Liu Huanyu, vice general managers of QMB, all attended the visit and symposium.

Figure 1  Leaders of QMB held a symposium with Chairman Deng Weiming of CNGR

Figure 2  Chairman Deng Weiming of CNGR visited QMB

Figure 3  Jiao Hua, Deputy General Manager of GEM and General Manager of QMB, introduced the project progress of QMB

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