Warmly welcome Yang Liangyong, deputy director of Wuhan Customs and his colleagues Visit GEM Jingmen Park
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On June 14, 2022, Yang Liangyong, Deputy Director of Wuhan Customs, Wang Julian, Director of Customs Department, Qiu Guoqiang, Director of Animal and Plant Department, and Jin Yong, Deputy Director of Jingmen Customs, visited GEM Jingmen Park for investigation. Professor Xu Kaihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, warmly received Yang Liangyong and his colleagues.

Yang Liangyong and his delegation visited the National "Urban Mine" Museum, the high-nickel ternary nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) manufacturing center and the finished product warehouse. At the National "Urban Mine" Museum, the guests were deeply shocked by the "Century TV". Chairman Xu Kaihua introduced to Yang Liangyong that this is the most comprehensive TV museum in China, with brands from every province,. The TV machine wall is in the shape of the Himalayas. On the green "passport" leading to the future, Deputy Commissioner Yang Liangyong wrote the beautiful vision of "green and low-carbon, beautiful China".

After the visit, Chairman Xu Kaihua had a discussion with Yang Liangyong and his delegation. Chairman Xu Kaihua said that now the business environment has been improved, especially the customs, the tax rebate is very fast, which has brought great dividends to the company. Businesses solve critical problems and connect global supply chains.

Yang Liangyong said that today's visit was very rewarding, he agreed with GEM's corporate philosophy, and hoped that GEM will reach a higher level under the leadership of Chairman Xu Kaihua. Yang Liangyong pointed out that the General Administration of Customs has issued ten measures to promote the stability and improvement of foreign trade, and Wuhan Customs has also issued 30 measures to optimize the business environment, open up at a higher level, and better serve enterprises, and introduced a series of favorable The customs policy of foreign trade of enterprises.

Subsequently, Yang Liangyong asked GEM what suggestions or needs for customs. Chairman Xu Kaihua said that GEM is constantly developing new products, product technology leads the world, and has entered the world's "no man's land". The tax number corresponding to new products is still a focus of GEM. At the same time, GEM's policy research on customs will also be more in-depth and better enjoy the convenience brought by the policy.

Zhou Bo, director and executive deputy general manager of the group, Chen Binzhang, supervisor of the group, Jiang Miao, deputy general manager of the group, and Wang Qiang, deputy general manager of the group, accompanied the visit and held discussions.

Deputy Commissioner Yang Liangyong (the first from the right in the front row) visited the GEM "Urban Mine" Museum

Deputy Commissioner Yang Liangyong (middle) and his party visited the GEM Nickel Ternary Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese (NCM) Manufacturing Center

Deputy Commissioner Yang Liangyong (the second from the right) and his party visited the GEM finished product warehouse

Chairman Xu Kaihua had a discussion with Deputy Commissioner Yang Liangyong and his party

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