GEM's latest generation of concentration gradient precursors has been mass-produced and shipped for the first time, which idicate it entering the "leading zone" in the industry
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The sun ignites, the time is well, may the future take us all the best. On May 30, 2022, the first mass production and delivery ceremony of GEM's latest-generation concentration gradient precursor was grandly held in Jingmen Park, the Group's industrial headquarters. Leaders of Jingmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jingmen Customs, and Duodao District Bureau of Commerce, Zhou Bo, Director and Executive Deputy General Manager of GEM, Dr. Zhang Kun, Deputy General Manager of GEM, Jiang Miao, Deputy General Manager of GEM, Wang Qiang, Deputy General Manager of GEM, Dong Yuebin, Assistant General Manager of GEM, Cai Jinjin, Assistant General Manager of GEM, Lv Zhi, director of the material manufacturing center in Jingmen Park, and Peng Yaguang, director of the raw material manufacturing center, attended the delivery ceremony.
At 10:48 a.m., the first batch of 120 tons oncentration gradient high-nickel and low-cobalt core-shell precursor products were all loaded into the truck. At the time of fireworks burst into the sky over the park. It is solemnly announced by Zhou Bo, Executive of GEM: "GEM's latest generation of concentration gradient precursors is officially launched!" This is an important milestone for GEM's new energy materials business of development and innovation, which marks  GEM's precursor production technology and equipment have truly entered the industry's "leading zone"!
Concentration gradient ternary precursor technology is designed by micron-scale microstructure, without changing the total metal composition of the material, so that the elements inside the material are distributed in a continuously changing concentration gradient, and the nickel content of the material gradually decreases from the inside to the outside surface, and the manganese content gradually increases, that is, the internal nickel is high and manganese is low, while the external manganese is high and nickel is low. Concentration gradient materials effectively improve the cycle life and safety of batteries, and provide solutions to the problem of capacity and safety of new energy vehicles on the material side that disturbed GEM for a long time, reducing consumers' worries. This technology is the world's most difficult technology in the field of ternary precursor manufacturing, which represents the latest direction of global ternary precursor development.
GEM believes that only by innovation can take the lead and go ahead. GEM has successfully developed the core technology of ' concentration gradient ultra-high nickel core-shell ternary precursor material ' and entered the supply chain of international leading enterprises with its efforts of innovative investment and three years of scientific and technological research.
The company currently has more than 1,000 innovative R&D staff. With the unremitting perseverance of the R&D team and the production team in independent research and development, from the beginning of the project to the mass production and delivery, after going through the lab scale, pilot scale in the laboratory, and the pilot test in the workshop gets success on mass production, GEM has been pioneering in ultra-high nickel ternary technology, developed high nickel core-shell and concentration gradient ternary precursor technology, and realized the transformation from the second-generation core-shell technology to the third and fourth generation technologies , and successfully developed the latest generation of high nickel and low cobalt core-shell ternary precursors with dual concentration gradients. At the end of April 2022, the concentration gradient ternary precursor battery material successfully developed by GEM won the first order from a top foreign battery factory. One month later, the latest generation of core-shell precursors with high concentration gradient and high nickel and low cobalt are mass-produced and shipped for the first time. This large-scale shipment proves that GEM has become the first enterprise in China to industrialize the technology on a large scale, and truly realized the manufacturing of high-end products in China !

The latest generation of concentration gradient core-shell precursors is just the beginning of the GEM high-end precursor road. GEM will firmly implement the five-in-one R&D strategy, introduce more high-tech and high-quality high-end precursor products, and build a high-end precursor brand moat !

The First Productive Delivery Ceremony of GEM ' s Latest Generation of Concentration Gradient Precursors

Zhou Bo, director and executive deputy general manager of GEM Group, delivered a speech

GEM's latest generation concentration gradient precursor products are loaded into trucks

GEM's latest generation of concentration gradient precursor products officially launched

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