Full Life Cycle Value Chain Business of Power Batteries

We have constructed a new energy full life-cycle value chain that includes "power battery recovery - raw material remanufacturing - material remanufacturing - battery pack remanufacturing - reuse - gradient utilization”.

We have built six power battery recycling and utilization centers in China, covering key regions such as the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijng-Tianjin-Hebei, and Central China. We also established two joint ventures for power battery recycling and utilization in South Korea and Indonesia.
The recycling and processing of waste power batteries (excluding lead-acid batteries) accounts for more than 10% of China's total scrapped batteries.

Green processing production line for decommissioned power batteries

We have an annual dismantling capacity of 215,000 tons for power battery packs, an annual production capacity of 4.1GWh for cascade utilization products and an annual processing capacity of 200,000 tons for the regeneration and utilization of battery black powder.

Intelligent assembly line for cascade utilization of battery packs

Application scenarios for cascade utilization of battery packs

6 companies under GEM were selected as companies included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's (MIT) Notice on Comprehensive Utilization Industry Standard Conditions for Waste New Energy Vehicle Power Storage Batteries, ranking first in the country.
We have signed agreements with over 750 global automotive and battery manufacturers to establish targeted cooperation for waste battery recycling.

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