Research Equipment

GEM Central Research Institute owns internationally advanced research and testing equipment

For example: ICP Spectrometers, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Laser Particle Sizer, Specific Surface Area Tester-BET, X-Ray Diffractometer and other international advanced instruments which can conduct real-time detection on the material composition, particle size and surface properties, structure and phase, as well as the function assessment.

ICP(Germany,the world’s advanced level)

Carbon sulfur analyzer (Germany,the world’s advanced level)

Atomic absorption spectrometer (Japan,the world’s advanced level)

X-RAYdiffractometer (Philip, the world’s advanced level)

Atomic fluorescence spectrometer (Germany, the world’s advanced level)

SEM (China, the domestic advanced level advanced)

Laser particle size analyzer (China, the domestic advanced level advanced)

Specific surface tester (China, the domestic advanced level advanced)