Research Achievements

Achieving a breakthrough in NCM ternary battery material technologies and developing an entire industrial chain of waste battery recycling

GEM has achieved a technological breakthrough in recycling end-of-life batteries for ternary traction battery materials. Therefore, the recovery of a large number of spend batteries would lead to the generation of high performance NCM precursor products and the development of a recycling industrial chain from recycling to reuse. At present, there are more than 460 patents and 40 standards granted in the field of battery and ternary material recycling.

With over 1700 patents worldwide, GEM’s dominance in the recycling industry has been secured.

At present, 1700 patents have been filed or granted among which there are 848 invention patents, 35 PCT patents and 18 international patents. Thus, GEM’s position of dominance has been secured through this achievement.

With 70 national standards and 89 industrial standards, GEM has broken through technical barriers to e-waste, waste batteries, ELVs and recycling and recovery.

Based on its unique innovation system, GEM has established 70 national standards and 89 industry standards including 《Reduction of Cobalt Powder》《Ultrafine Cobalt Powder》and 《Nickel and Nickel Contained Alloys》. The development of this standard system in the field of waste electronic, battery, ELV recycling helps break through the technical barriers to the end-of-life management practices.