Recycling Industrial Culture

Recycling industrial culture:”eliminating pollution and recycling resources” to develop world’s advanced recycling technology. Making resources recycling create economic value, to realize the harmony and unity of social responsibility, economic value and environmental value.
Environmental guideline: ecological designing and low- carbon manufacturing to realize maximum recycling and utilization, and maximum energy conservation and emission reduction.
Responsibility guideline: management with transparency to be responsible for the environment and the society. Environment commitments: applying the ISO14001 environmental system to management the resources recycling process. All members implement the ISO14001 international environmental management system, to make environmental protection their responsibility with the guarantee of advanced technology.

Environmental values of GEM
National Circular Economy Education Base Profile

Jingmen GEM Co.,Ltd., circular economy demonstration education base, is the first batch announced by National Development and Reform Commission,Ministry of Education,Ministry of Finance and National Tourism on Feb17th,2012. Located in GEM urban mineral resources recycling industrial park, Jingmen city, Hubei province, it consists of South, North and East three parts, covering an area of 3000 acres. The base, relying on Jingmen GEM Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise which specializes in waste cobalt and nickel resources, waste batteries and electrical and electronic waste recycling, recycling and recycling.It has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 international system certification.GEM takes “limited resources,unlimited recycling” as its industrial concept. It recycle scrap batteries and waste nickel-cobalt resources to produce ultra-fine cobalt-nickel powder which replaces the products of raw ore resources and the import brands, and it completed the construction process of "waste - recycling products - instead of raw ore products - instead of imported products - brand-name products," and updated the technical mode and raw material mode of ultrafine nickel-cobalt powder.GEM has built recycling economy industrial chain in battery,electronic and electric industries, GEM has established a green classification dismantling production line for electrical and electronic waste successively in Jingmen and Yangluo, which are in an excellent level in China.。

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The landscape of the demonstration base

Activities in Demonstration Base
The main task of the base education center is to build the circular economy promotion and exchange platform through the construction of national circular economy education demonstration base, popularizing of circular economy typical mode, propagating the concept of circular economy, and guiding the social public to participate in the development of circular economy.
Reception process of demonstration base
It can accept the telephone reservation for visit: 0724-2499168. After the success of the telephone reservation, the company will arrange professional staff to make visiting plans and give relating explanation. In addition, the education demonstration base will also arrange for full-time staff to take charge of the safety and security work during the visit.
The receptionist is responsible for receiving contact arrangements, making arrangements for reception of visiting routes, etc. The interpreter is responsible for professional explanation.