Online Recycling

The renewable resources space-timeGEM’s spatio-temporal information platform of GEMfor renewable resources

The construction of dataa real-time data monitoring system offor the industrial chain of recycling renewable resources industry chain based on RFID technology makes GEM achieve amarks the achievement of GEM in implementing an integral, transparent, real-time and intelligent space-time information platform .

Four major functions:

Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of the resources which enterregistering into the Internet of things information platform ;

High efficiency and energy saving: achieve green recovery according to the information of the renewable resources of from the Internet of things for , in terms of efficient screening and classificationsorting;

Whole process traceability: tracing during the entire life cycle of resources throughout the tracing;

Comprehensive upgrade: providecomprehensively improve the process by providing effective means and data support for the management of circular economy industry, and comprehensively improvement. management.

GEM , the  Tsinghua University, andthe Institute of Geography, and the Chinese academy of Sciences jointly undertook a National Science and technology support program ", the "Research on the monitoring of renewable resources distribution of monitoringbased on internetworking and multi-industrial linklinkage technology” whose technological demonstration startlaunch will be held in on-site area based on the Internet of thingsareas.

Vehicle GPS vehicle real-time control, for tracking the whole process of positioning and recycling vehicles