GEM WPC vs. Anticorrosive wood

GEMWPC vsAnticorrosive wood

WPC is made of plastics and wood, combing the advantages of both, with natural wood grain and multiple choices in color, but possesses advantages which wood doesn’t have, such high mechanical properties, lightweight, moisture proof, acid and alkali resistant and being easy to clean, etc. It also overcomes the disadvantages of wood, such as high bibulous rate, deformation, being easy to get infested by moths or get mildew.

With the increasing usage of anticorrosive wood, its health risks have become more and more apparent. The harmful material characteristics include: solid substances, mainly referring to heavy metals and nonmetals such as arsenic and other toxic ingredients; gaseous substances, mainly referring to volatile organic compounds such as ammonia and organic volatile (VOC)

Comparison of GEM's WPC with Anticorrosive Wood WPC Wood
Sturdier, 3-5 times more durable than wood
Smooth surface, anti-slip
Rot-resistant, no splinters or warping
GEM's WPC VS.Other Wood Types WPC Wood
Natural surface
Popular colors and surface treatment
Favorite of professionals
Variety of colors, profiles and grains
Can be sawed and nailed, easy to install