WPC Installation

WPC can be installed with nails and /or screws. Stainless steel or nickel-plated nails or screws are high recommended. Pre-drilling is necessary in cold weather conditions.
Wood and steel can be inserted into the inner hole of hollow WPC materials to strengthen them. Concrete, which has big coefficient of heat bilges cold shrink, is not allowed.
WPC has certain creep properties, when installing, pay attention to the space between 2 decking boards. Please consult with GEM engineers for more details.

Connection fittings

Besides general jointing accessories such as brackets, the special clip is available to make the installation easier and avoid the ungraceful screw cobra protruding on the surface.

In bad weather, a slight fade in color is possible. The color will become stable 12-14 weeks after installation. However, this has little impact on the durability of the products.


1、GEM"s WPC: Installation of keel on ground and floor

2、Planking installation and side sealing

3、Wallboard installation and side sealing