Plastic Pallets Introducing

Plastic pallets, which are made of plastic waste recycled resources in GEM, are typical resource-saving products. They can be used to substitute wooden pallets so as to reduce timber consumption, and can furthermore go through secondary recycling. Compared with wooden pallets, GEM’s plastic pallets possess advantages such as lightweight, steadiness, well-made appearance,good integrity,being devoid of nails or thorns, odorless and non-toxic, easy to be cleaned and disinfected, rot-proof, being non-combustible and not generating static electricity, above all, being recyclable. Its service life is about 5-7 times that of wooden pallets and it has been asserted as an important tool for modern transportations, packaging and warehousing, and is also widely applied in the automotive parts, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, paper, printing, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical industry, textile, clothing, warehousing logistics, sanitation and other industries.

Advantages of the plastic pallets
Excellent Durability

GEM’s injection moulded plastic pallets confer unparalleled advantages compared with normal wooden pallets in terms of impact resistance and durability.

Maximization of Available Space

The all-sides application ensures a maximum and efficient usage of storage space

Clean and Neat

As the plastic pallets are non-absorbent, preventing rotting and bacteria breeding, it can be easily washed with water.

Convenient to Use

Being extremely light-weighted, with reasonable design, GEM’s plastic pallet is practical and easy to use.

Economical and Practical

With excellent water and corrosion resistance, and durability, it can be used for a long time, making it a very economic choice.

Resistance to Cold and Heat, High Durability

GEM’s plastic pallet has an innate high resistance to cold and heat, within a temperature tolerance of ±50℃, it doesn’t go out of shape. It is also not eroded when plunged in acid and alkali substance.

Environmental Protection

GEM’s plastic pallets are ecological products because they can be totally recycled and reused, and thus participate in greatly reducing waste and disposal costs. Furthermore, the use of plastic pallets can protect thousands of acres of forest from losing every year.